Never Trump Republican frets that Bernie Sanders will win Democratic nomination

" NOTFor its part, political commentator "Never Trump" Sarah Longwell urged Democrats on Saturday to consolidate the primary field of the Democratic presidency to prevent Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., From becoming a party candidate.

Longwell wants Democrats to take into account lessons learned from the Republican Presidential Primaries of 2016, saying that an overcrowded field at the end of primary is one of the most important reasons why the Republican party has finished with a Trump nomination. She warned that if Sanders became the Democratic candidate, President Trump would beat him easily in 2020.

"I mean, of course, I do not know l & # 39; future. But your present democrat looks a lot like our republican past. I'm afraid something is not happening in front of you. Or maybe you see it and do not worry as much as me, said Longwell in an editorial published in The Bulwark Saturday morning.

"In any case, I firmly believe that if you do not do something to change course, the United States will have to choose between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in 2020."

The commentator pointed out that out of the 19 candidates currently running, the distant leader had not even announced his candidacy for the presidential election and that the vast majority of these candidates had barely lost a percentage point in the polls. Rather than dilute his support and spend resources to campaign against candidates likely to block a Sanders bid, Longwell urged these lower-ranking candidates not to even try.

"So I ask you, Democrats: do you like Kamala Harris, do you have some kind of councilor to Mayor Pete, do you beg Beto or Biden, is Elizabeth Warren the political revolutionary you were waiting for, would you wear a schoolbag? head to see Klobuchar get the name? Your heart swells for Swalwell? "she wrote.

"With the exception of Joe Biden, who is not yet officially in the running, all of these Democrats are constantly voting at a number."

Longwell closed his argument by drawing parallels between Sanders supporters and Trump supporters, saying the two groups of voters were fervent supporters of their candidate and that most did not want to have anything to do with another alternative. unlike Biden's supporters, who might be open to voting for other candidates. for example. This was illustrated by Sanders supporters who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

"The only thing I can do now is to sound the alarm for the Democrats." In a crowded environment, Bernie's uncontrollable 20% can quickly lead to the plurality win in the early states. Before you know it, it will be too difficult to attack, because the higher-level candidates will seek to hold government positions in the Sanders administration, "she added.

"The only solution is that Democratic candidates have self-awareness and realize that if they are not caught on fire a few months before Iowa and New Hampshire, that probably will not happen. They have to go out early and throw their support behind a responsible candidate who can beat Bernie in primary and Trump in general. "

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