New beat for Tyga? – Me Vs. Trends on YouTube (Nicki Minaj, Apple, Good Mythical Morning)


Let's hope that he badly digests the whistling and beats boxing. Make sure to subscribe!

Check out this new video from me checking YouTube trends so you do not have to! But just in case you'd like, links to all the original videos can be found below!

In this video, I watch these videos that were fashionable at the time of recording:

Tyga – Dip (Official Video) ft. Nicki Minaj

Introducing the new MacBook Air – Apple

The worst tasting test of Halloween candy (Day 2)
Good morning mythical

Jacob Banks – Be Good To Me by Seinabo Sey (Official Video)
Jacob Banks

Bill Burr struggles in the Red Sox Dodgers World Series
Jimmy Kimmel Live