Microsoft has recently made changes to the "Task View" in Windows 10. As of the spring 2018 update, it includes the Windows scenario. As its name indicates, it displays a timeline of recent activities on your computer and connected Microsoft services. Now you can add Chrome tabs to the list with the new Redmond Web Activities extension. Just install it. Your Chrome tabs will sync with the Windows Timeline and other products like Microsoft Launcher for Android.

Previously, Timeline only showed web activity if you were using the Microsoft Edge browser (see above). We can now say for sure that no one is doing it. This has made Timeline and Microsoft Launcher less useful for Chrome fans, but now you have the option to add this feature.

Just install the new Web Activity extension and sign in to your Microsoft account to get started. After that, your history will appear in the timeline along with other actions on your PC. If you're using Microsoft Launcher, your previous Chrome tabs will also appear in its timeline UI. The timeline records up to 30 days of activity on your connected devices if you enable this feature. It's all optional.