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Those who follow closely Apex Legends news may recall a recent datamin revealing two upcoming characters named Octane and Wattson. Although the leak is not yet confirmed, it seems that another leak adds credibility to the likelihood of a new legend of the name Octane. According to a whistleblower named Voeno on Reddit, they could have found Octane via the "source code" of the game, which would have claimed that the leak had been false. Nevertheless, the publisher published an image of Octane as well as the listed capabilities.

Octane himself receives the title of "Daredevil at High Speed", which complements his great maneuverability and his abilities of self-sufficiency. According to the picture, Octane's liability will be "Swift Mend", which will restore health over time as long as they will not suffer damage. His tactical skill is "Adrenaline Junkie", which allows him to move 30% faster in 6 seconds and costs 10% health. Finally, Octane Ultimate is a deployable deployment platform that they and their teammates can use.

As for Octane, the blurred image does not offer too much information about the details. But as for a general description, Octane is lean and tall, and seems to have mechanical legs. They wear goggles, a mask and a vest that seems to inject a substance into their body via several fluorescent green tubes. This explains the name of Octane and how they are able to travel as fast using their tactical abilities.

apex legends octane leakage image

According to previous leaks, Octane is not scheduled for release by late March or early April. This means that the official confirmation of the existence of the Respawn Entertainment character might not arrive for some time. And with Respawn still supposedly working on a battle pass system for Apex Legends, the company can reorganize its plans based on mid-term development. After all, with all the leaks so far, why should not Respawn ever announce Octane unless things change behind the scenes?

The other solution to take into account is the falsity of these leaks. The images themselves, including the character's design, seem credible. But to say that the character was extracted from the source code of the game and that this content is already in the game a few weeks before the launch of a rumor, is very fishy. With several leaks corroborating the existence of Octane, it is difficult to deny the probability that they are a legend in preparation. Perhaps the source of the leak is to know where the images come from to protect their identity.

Expect more information about the future Apex Legends content, including new legends, new skins, and the battle passes in the coming weeks.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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