New Facebook pages are delivered without a Like button


Facebook is rolling out a new design for Facebook pages. It comes with new features, but without a Like button.

Facebook today announced a new look and feel for Facebook Pages, with updated navigation, a dedicated news feed, a new question-and-answer feature and… more like buttons.

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The new design of Facebook pages will focus on subscribers, not likes. Subscribers are accepted on a more realistic measure of the number of people a page reaches.

The new layout includes several new features. But there’s no doubt that the most talked about change will be the removal of the Like button. Facebook believes Likes had become a misrepresentation of a page’s true reach and popularity. The company explained that subscribers are a better indication of how many people actually receive a page’s updates.

New layout of Facebook pages

Facebook Pages are also getting several cool new features with the redesign. First of all, Pages will now have their own News Feed, which will allow them to initiate conversations, follow trends and better engage with their followers. Through the news feed, Pages will also receive suggestions for following other public figures, pages, groups, and hot topics.

As a subscriber, you will start to see one page comments on other posts placed at the top of the comments section, much like it already happens for verified profiles.

Facebook will also allow users to easily follow the pages directly from the comments section on the posts.

The redesign also introduces a new question-and-answer feature. Subscribers will be able to post questions to the page on a topic. When the page responds, these become a stack of questions and answers that users can browse to learn more about the particular topic.

Finally, Facebook is also adding more granularity to access permissions, helping page owners give admins different levels of access to specific tasks in Insights, Ads, Content, Community Activity, and Messages.

New roles on Facebook pages

Facebook said the new Facebook page layout will roll out in the coming weeks.

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