New Fortnite leak excites OG players

A new Fortnite The Season 6 leak suggests that a long-awaited skin will arrive in the Item Shop soon, and it’s a skin that should appeal to OG players, or more specifically, those leading up to Chapter 2 of the season. 5 and Season 6. Searching the files for a recent update, an important Fortnite dataminer recently discovered an update to the “KevinCouture” skin, which, of course, is a Cube-themed skin based on Kevin the Cube from Season 5, Season 6, and Season X.

Taking to Twitter, the dataminer – “Mang0e” – revealed that Epic Games has updated the skin with the larger game update, or more specifically, updated it with new hardware. ” AirGlow “, whatever that means.

As for the skin itself, we have no idea what it looks like, but it’s been in the files for months, this is the first update in quite some time. Many began to wonder if the skin had been ditched, but it seems Epic Games is still working on it to some extent.

At the time of publication, it remains to be seen what happens to this skin, but you would assume that it will release at some point in Season 6 or Season 7, likely via the Item Shop, the latter being the most probable. at the moment due to the theme of this season.

As for Epic Games, while it is clearly working on the skin, it has so far refused to acknowledge its existence or any leaks about it. However, if for some reason he breaks this pattern of silence, we’ll update the article with whatever it says about the skin or that specific leak.

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