New Mexico: cases of "zombie deer disease"


New Mexico is one of the states where the counties of Otero, Socorro and Dona Ana report the disease in the deer.

"It's not something new. In fact, it's been a long time. The real name is chronic debilitating disease, "said veterinarian Dr. Daniel Levenson.

He said it was a disease of the nervous system that mainly infected deer and elk. We are starting to see reports of moose affected.

"They're unstable, Ataxic, but mostly behavioral changes, they can have seizures, and then it's always fatal once the symptoms begin to appear," said Dr. Levenson.

He said reports in southern New Mexico involved a small herd of deer. According to Dr. Levenson, the first case of MDC reported in New Mexico dates back 20 years.

There is no treatment or treatment for MDC. The only known way to end the terror is to hunt the infected animals.

Dr. Levenson says it's probably impossible to get rid of it completely.

"Until now, no case has been contagious, but it is a disease that occurs very slowly and could manifest itself several years ago," he said. he declared.

All meat hunters gathered can be screened for MDC by the New Mexico Game and Fish. People should not touch or eat the brain, spinal cord, spleen or lymph nodes of a deer that they think can be infected.

Dr. Levenson advises people not to eat deer meat just to be on the side of safety. He does not believe that people should worry about the disease. New Mexico reports cases of "zombie deer disease"


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