New Nike shoes connected to an app fail after a bad update

It's the future we deserve.

The owners of the Adapt BB Velcro shoes connected to the Nike app, worth $ 350, went to the Google Play store to complain that an update was made to them. made their fancy boots. This is true, the automatic lacing shoes would no longer be connected to the accompanying application, which would essentially turn them into old classic shoes (buttons on the side of the shoes allow you to tie them again). And people are upset.

Here's how, according to a press release, shoes are supposed to work: An internal "advanced lacing system" combines with a "constantly updated application and firmware" to tie and untie your shoes. The application allows you to choose the perfect fit, and the shoe fits the size of your foot, which inflates in theory in a basketball game. Again, it's like that Assumed to work.

Some customers using Android phones to pair their Adapt BB have, however, encountered a slightly different reality.

"The app does not go with the left shoe," reads in an article on February 17. "matched with sneakers just after unpacking, then completely crushed after the last update."

Others have encountered a similar problem.

"The application has fewer features than the iOS app, and the first software update of the shoe has generated an error while updating, giving the shoe a good footing," reads. "needs a serious job."

Not a good look at it.

Image: screen capture / Google Play

Needless to say, these customers are not happy to spend all this money on fancy shoes tomorrow.

"the trash can not connect to the left [shoe], "read one of the many star comments.

"the same mistakes as others," lamented another customer. "I can not connect to the left shoe, but the phone shows are paired … discussed with Nike, many calls about it have already occurred.Nike, a big fault!

We contacted Nike for comments, but we had not received a response at the time of the press.


Image: screen capture / Google Play

Anyway, it was clearly not what Michael Donaghu, Vice President of Innovation at Nike, had in mind when he wrote a treatise of over 700 words on the lace during his history.

"Laces: you ran well," he writes. "But we think we may have finally made progress."

Donaghu, it seems, is a bit ahead of this statement. But who could ever have foreseen the possibility that an unnecessarily complicated shoe, connected to an application and powered by a battery, fails?

Now, please forgive me while I'm wearing my decently-not-connected shoes and running as fast as I can away from this future nightmare we've created.

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