New Overwatch Patch Brings Major Changes to Restoring Hero's Health – February 19 Patch Notes |

The latest map of Overwatch, Paris, released the latest patch of the game on Tuesday, Feb. 19, and has also brought changes to hero's health recovery.

The changes were added to the PTR at about the same time as Paris and, after just under three weeks, both finally reached the main game.

Most players will probably be more excited about the new Assault (2CP) card, but the change in hero health is a player that players will also want to pay attention to.

In Overwatch, health can take many forms, such as recoverable health, shields and armor, as well as irrecoverable armor.

The changes affect the order in which different types of health are recovered for heroes, such as basic health, armor and shields.

So, if a hero has recoverable shields or static armor and suffers damage, the damage taken will decrease the recoverable shield before he or she escapes his recoverable health.

With the change of the order fit, heroes to whom armor or non-recoverable shields have been assigned, such as Brigitte's, will now consume them before the hit points, armor or recoverable shields when they suffer damage.

Brigitte's shields will work a little differently after the last Overwatch fix.

This is not an important update, but it is an improvement that should bring a slight improvement in the quality of life of Overwatch players, especially the main support.

Blizzard's complete patch notes are available below:


Paris, an elegant city of art and romance, is home to our new Assault card.

Start your journey at Cabaret Luna, where the velvety alto voice of the preeminent Luna Diva seduces movie stars, revolutionaries, locals and tourists alike. After the reminder, go out to see what happens and take the win. The craft shops line the streets at the approach of the first point, so avoid yourself to taste a macaroon or escape the fire of the enemy. Fight in the alleyways and corridors before facing your enemies on the banks of the Seine. Once you have dominated your opponents, head to Maison Marat and deliver the coup de grace.



Developer Comments: In Overwatch, an Integer type order determines the subtraction priority of integrity, shield, or armor types when a hero suffers damage. For example, if a hero has recoverable shields and suffers damage, they suffer a recoverable shield loss before he or she removes their recoverable health. Previously, it was possible to give priority to recoverable shields of heroes in terms of damage and regeneration, allowing their non-recoverable armor to continue. With order adjustment, heroes to whom armor or expendable shields have been consumed will now use these resources before recoverable HP, armor or shields.

  • Unrecoverable health, shields and armor are now eaten before health, shields and armor recoverable
    • Previous order of priority: unrecoverable shields, recoverable shields, non-recoverable armor, recoverable armor, unrecoverable health, and recoverable health
    • New order of priority: non-recoverable shields, non-recoverable armor, non-recoverable health care, recoverable shields, recoverable armor and recoverable health care



  • Players can assign the lobby property to other players in custom games

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