New problem with Apex Legends allows players to hover over the entire map

It seems that Apex Legends does not experience a shortage of major issues, as a new bug detected in the game allows players to hover over the map.

Despite its explosive success, Apex Legends continues to be fraught with pitfalls and bugs, as well as players who exploit them to their advantage.

Although many of these bugs are benign, some are certainly revolutionary to the point of threatening the integrity of the game, such as this newly discovered theft problem.

Streamer Twitch demonstrates a small problem

On April 12th, the Twitch streamer & # 39; higrad3snipez & # 39; published a clip in which he and his teammates were able to exploit a mechanic in the game to the point of allowing them to fly over the map.

In the clip, we see the banner repeatedly hitting a supply box, before his teammates and himself take off like rockets from a stopping position and rise high enough in the air where almost the entire map became visible.

How does this little problem work?

While the exact mechanics behind the glitch remain unknown, one Reddit user noted that it looked like another "storage glitch", such as the one used by players to run at a very high speed.

The user explained that hitting the basket in a manner that did not allow the player's body to move back as it would normally would store the momentum, so that the next time the player jumps, the game releases everything that is built. momentum and pull the player directly into the sky.

Critical issues in Apex Legends

This flying glitch is not the first revolutionary glitch to be discovered in Apex Legends, and it will probably not be the last.

In the past, bugs and exploits of the game allowed players to continue to fire their weapon even after being knocked down, see through the smoke grenades of Bangalore, run at very high speed, and scrum so fast that the players were eliminated in a few seconds.

The game is still very young, of course, so we expect that kind of thing to happen. But Respawn developers would do well to clean things up before things like that get out of hand.

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