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New proof that Green Bay packers do not handle the loss well

The Packers of Green Bay have always liked to show that they are a public football team. The only existing one. No one has bothered to point out how much balance that a franchise can create in terms of money can be tricky. Unlike other teams that have billionaire owners whose finances are often supported by other companies, this is not the case for Packers. This explains why the team has had one of its worst incomes for a long time.

Yahoo Sports said the 2018 season had not yielded the results that the Packers were accustomed to. Not only with their inability to make the playoffs for the second year in a row, but also with the plunge in their annual profits. How drastic? It went from an eight-digit number in 2017 to a six-digit number last year. In other words, it was not the result sought by the rival of the Chicago Bears.

"The Green Bay Packers posted a profit of only $ 724,000 during their last fiscal year, which included their second consecutive season without a playoff appearance, a major extension of the contract of quarterback Aaron Rodgers and a change in coach Chief of Mike McCarthy to Matt LaFleur.

Green Bay's profit for the year ended March 31 was down 97.9% from $ 34.1 million for the year ended March 2018 and more than 99% from the record high of $ 75 million. dollars reached in the previous fiscal year.

"On the financial side, it was a unique year for the Packers," said Packers president Mark Murphy on Friday. "

Green Bay Packers fans are no better than others

The best part of all this? The revelation proves that the big and powerful Packers fans, who appear as the best and most loyal of the NFL, are just like everyone else. If their team does not win, they will not part with their money to watch it. Purchases in Pro Shop stores and visits to Lambeau Field have dropped significantly. Team leaders have admitted that a return to a series would be very desirable to help solve this problem.

This would explain their spending frenzy during the off season. Adrian Amos, Preston Smith and Za'Darius Smith have easily won the largest category of freestyle players in team history. Not to mention having to pay $ 134 million for Aaron Rodgers to remain a packer. For the first time, we understand why the team has avoided free will. It's not so much a question of principle. They can not afford it.

So, when the writing started to go wrong, we could imagine the panic that settled.

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