New Siri Remote Lacks Accelerometer and Gyroscope, Affecting Some Apple TV Games

Along with the new sixth-generation Apple TV announced on Tuesday at Apple’s special event, the company introduced a new version of the Siri Remote. Despite the new design, the new Siri Remote lacks some sensors that some users might miss: the accelerometer and gyroscope.

The new Siri Remote is quite different from its predecessor, with an aluminum body and a touchpad that replaces the glass touchpad for gestures in tvOS. Apple also added a power button and a mute button, in addition to moving the Siri button to the right side of the remote.

We already knew that the second-gen Siri Remote, as Apple calls it, doesn’t have a U1 chip or support for the Find My app – unlike some rumors predicted – but some tech was also removed by compared to the previous Siri Remote. .

As indicated by Digital trends, the Siri remote that came with the new Apple TV does not have an accelerometer or gyroscope. These sensors were added to the original Siri Remote to enable new gaming experiences, which allow users to tilt the remote to perform specific actions as is possible with an iPhone or iPad.

Since tvOS now supports Xbox and PlayStation controllers, it looks like Apple wants to encourage users who like to play games on the Apple TV to have a better gaming experience with a joystick instead of using the Siri remote control. The first generation Siri Remote still works with the new Apple TV for those who prefer it, but Apple is no longer officially selling this version.

Previous rumors have already suggested that Apple is working on its own game controller, so that may be another reason the company is no longer promoting the Siri Remote as an option for gamers.

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