New Texas A & M-LSU fight video: Cole Fisher scolds Dameyune Craig


Before playing a central role in a post-game bout after Texas A & M's victory over LSU in seven extra-time, Cole Fisher had to retain an assistant coach from Aggies, who immediately took advantage of the touchline of the Tigers.

Sports Illustrated got an eight-second video excerpt of a filmed footage immediately after last Saturday's thriller at College Station, showing the event that sparked the physical altercation involving Fisher, the analyst of LSU Steve Kragthorpe, LSU Player Development Manager Kevin Faulk, and LSU Safety Manager John Battle. In the video, Dameyune Craig, a former LSU assistant who is now coaching the Aggies, runs into the field in the direction of Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron, swinging a fist into a ball to celebrate the victory. his team on his old school and the coach who fired him. in February 2017. Craig is seen screaming after Orgeron and moving within three feet of the coach before being physically restrained by the nephew of Fisher's A & M coach, Texas, Jimbo Fisher, who is a student manager of the team.

The video then shows Craig tracking the LSU sideline against other members of the football team, including a close encounter with starting quarterback Joe Burrow, while letting Fisher try to control the coach. . Towards the end of the clip, Craig comes across what appears to be a member of the team's team, prompting several staff to surround the coach and Fisher a few seconds before the altercation. Craig rushed across the field so quickly that he did not detach his helmet, and the helmets are clearly visible hanging near his feet, trampled by Craig and Fisher in this mad rush.

The video is one of several videos evaluated by the Southeast Conference Office to determine the potential consequences of an incident that provoked a public struggle between these two programs of the SEC West, each publishing during last days some somewhat contrasting statements about the struggle. Houston Chronicle On Monday published several video clips of the clash, showing Faulk and Fisher entangled in a physical altercation. The clip also shows Battle, a veteran of Tigers High School, who hits Fisher on the cheek after Fisher tries to put at least two shots on Faulk's left cheek. The parties were separated at that time.

The videos appeared a day after Kragthorpe was revealed in an interview with USA Today that Fisher punched him in the chest and affected his pacemaker. The Chronicle The video shows Fisher jostling Kragthorpe, a 53-year-old man with Parkinson's disease, in his chest before getting involved in the altercation with Faulk and Battle. On the same day, Texas A & M issued a statement from the police department of its campus claiming that Kragthorpe "had initially stated that he had been hit, but then retracted."

Late in the night from Monday to Friday, Robert Munson, deputy director of sports of the USJ, posted on his Twitter account a concise message denying this account. "Steve Kragthorpe did not retract his statement that he had been touched in the area of ​​his pacemaker," he wrote. "All reports suggesting the opposite are false and misleading."

These two universities are not strangers to public quarrels. More recently, they have been involved in a nearly three-year lawsuit over a $ 400,000 contract buyback of the former LSU, then from A & M's defense coordinator, John Chavis, currently at Arkansas. The SEC and the Baton Rouge judge presiding over the case urged both parties to settle. The events at stake and post-match last weekend added a lot more heat to a rivalry that lacked sauce – in the field. LSU had won seven straight in Saturday's loss, the only SEC West team to have ever lost to the Aggies since joining the league in 2012. A year later, the SEC structured the program to face them at the end of the season in a border. series of rivalry of the war type.

Disagreements between schools are as profound as links. For two years in 2014 and 2016, their end-of-season game was played on Thanksgiving night at College Station, but was played on Saturday in Baton Rouge, as LSU would not host a match on holiday days. The hiring of Jimbo Fisher at Texas A & M also fueled the fires. Fisher and the school, a former coordinator of the LSU offensive, have rubbed shoulders several times over the years.

There are more coaching relationships. The Texas A & M linebacker coach, Bradley Dale Peveto, spent seven seasons at LSU before being fired by Orgeron a day after the school announced him as coach. permanent head in November 2016. Texas A & M Assistant Sports Director, Austin Thomas, had previously held this position for several years before leaving the program less than a year ago.


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