New Trailers: The Lion King, Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker, Veronica Mars, etc.

Last weekend, I watched Madeline's Madeline, a dizzying film about a teenage girl from an experimental theater troupe struggling with an unidentified mental illness. The film is particularly clever when it comes to merging its principle with its filming work – the theater troupe's ethic and the confusing confusion of its protagonist is often the goal we see throughout the world of this film .

The film also tries to wrestle with complex issues about appropriation that become metas uncomfortably reading the way the film was developed. The film focuses on a relationship between a black teenager and a white director who essentially wants to steal her story for a play. Likewise, the film was formed when his white director met this teenage star, and he incorporates elements of real life.

I do not know if the film can handle all the questions it raises about appropriation. I do not know what he wants. It presents viewers with something difficult and disturbing, and that may be all that has been decided.

Check out nine trailers this week below.

Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker

It's finally here: the title and the teaser of the final Star wars film (for the moment, at least). J.J. Premier Abrams Star wars had a very magical atmosphere – the one that Rian Johnson really played in his sequel – and this teaser gives the impression that The rise of Skywalker will return to this feeling of fear and wonder that so encompassed the force awakens. Maybe just a little darker. I'm really down for that. He came out on December 20th.

The Lion King

Disney put his first real eye on the Lion King redo this week. There is no doubt that this film will become a huge success, but I'm still a little skeptical about the ability of its realistic animation style to work with human-voiced actors – which we still see very little here. The film debuts on July 19th.

Veronica Mars

Hulu brings back Veronica Marsand we had a very brief overview of what it will look like this week. I've never seen the original series, but as a new fan of The right placeI'm all for the most witty and tired roles of Kristen Bell. The new season starts on July 26th.

Guava Island

It's hardly a teaser, but it's quite interesting for me to mention: Donald Glover and Rihanna co-perform Guava Island, a film by Hiro Murai, one of the most powerful video directors. We still do not know what Guava Island is in fact. A visual album? A movie? Vanity Fair Calls this an "hour movie focused on music", and that's the only description I can find. But anyway, it will certainly have to look. It will ultimately be an exclusive Amazon Prime, but the film can be viewed all day Saturday.

The Addams family

It's time for another reboot of The Addams family. It's still a very stupid comedy, animated in this incarnation, with Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron and Bette Midler among the voices of the characters. He goes out on Halloween.

Homecoming: a film by Beyoncé

Netflix has purchased Beyoncé's Beyonce's Beyonce's comedy-based film / concert documentary in 2018. As with all the visuals published around Beyoncé's performance, Back home Sounds beautiful and poetic, in addition to just being a show explosion. He leaves on the 17th of April.


Everything in this film looks confusing, but the trailer describes it with such speed and energy that it may not matter. Dave Bautista plays in the movie someone who claims to be a cop. He orders a Uber car and its pilot, played by Kumail Nanjiani, to drive him to a city. It's a buddy-boy movie with a ridiculous premise, and maybe both are fun enough to make it work. The film is released on July 12th.

Wine country

The debut of Amy Poehler's feature film seems like an excuse to work with a group of friends again, and that's great news for all of us. Among others are Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph and Tina Fey. It will be released on May 10th.


I know that many people like Luc Besson's films. I am not one of those people. But here it is – his latest action movie with a super capable hero, who hits hard and is only sometimes sexualized by the camera. He leaves on June 21st.

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