New Twitch Data Indicates "Apex" Legends Decline Rapidly


The hype for Apex Legends has been steadily declining. Respawn Entertainment took a long time to update and support the game and its first season subscription was disappointing. The combination of these two things was enough to dampen the buzz of the game. And with its buzz, the streamers do not broadcast it as much. And the less the streamers play, the less people play. And the less people play it, the less hype it has. Do you see the cycle?

According to the latest Stream Elements streaming industry report, Mountain peak legends Twitch's views have been very steadily declining and marked recently. Meanwhile, Fortnite has been very stable, and almost doubles now Apex Legends average hearing Twitch. In other words, the game once exploited by some to eventually kill Fortnite, do not do a very good job to hurt Fortnitelet alone kill him.

When Apex Legends launch, his streaming numbers were considerably above Fortnitebut it was because it was new and EA was paying a nice dime for the biggest banners to play. Now the honeymoon period is over, and it does not look like a serious Fornite rival. It's still a big game and it's going well, but its climax fades into the rear-view mirror.

(Photo: Streaming Elements via VGR)

So the question is now: can Apex Legends recover? For sure. Many people have downloaded it. It's just a matter of re-engaging the players in the game. And there are many ways to do it, but the window closes and Respawn Entertainment has to start supporting the game a lot faster. That said, the chance to dethrone Fortnite is probably over, if there was a chance to start.

Apex Legends is available for free on the PS4, the Xbox One and the PC. At the time of publication, no additional ports have been announced. For more information, media and information about the Battle Royale game, be sure to read all of our previous news stories by clicking here.

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