New Xbox One Game Deals Available on Xbox Live

Microsoft has launched a new selection of Deals with Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360. This week, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will receive discounts on two of the largest versions of 2018, including Red Dead Redemption 2, while the publisher Warner Bros. sale on a range of Lego games on both consoles.

The standard edition of the critically acclaimed Rockstar Western has been reduced to $ 40.19 for Gold subscribers this week. If you have a Gold Membership, you can also pick up the latest EA Football game, Madden NFL 19, for $ 15, while Witcher's recent Thronebreaker spin-off is reduced to $ 22.49. Forsaken's grand development of Destiny 2 is also on sale this week; Gold members can download it for $ 20.

A number of other Rockstar games are offered on Xbox 360. Gold members can get Grand Theft Auto V and Max Payne 3 at $ 10 unit, the LA Black Police Game at $ 9 and Bully Scholarship Edition at $ 6. In addition to this, Sniper Ghost Warrior and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 tactical shooters went down to $ 2.24 and $ 5.24, respectively.

Even if you do not have an Xbox Live Gold membership, you will be able to find deals on a variety of Lego games, including the recently released Lego DC Super-Villains game, which costs $ 30. Lego Worlds and the GTA-type Lego City Undercover are on sale for $ 15 each, while the Harry Potter Lego collection costs $ 24.

You can see other great offers for both consoles below; the full list is on Major Nelson's blog. All these offers will expire on February 26th. You must therefore take advantage of all the opportunities that suit you.

This week's Xbox gaming offers

Xbox One

Xbox 360

* denotes a deal with gold

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