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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Passes Equal Pay Legislation at USWNT World Cup Victory Parade

Equal pay was a rallying cry as the US National Women's Team (USWNT) was in the limelight with a parade parades on the streets of New York on Wednesday. Team USA celebrated its second consecutive World Cup victory – and its triumphal performance drew attention to the demand for equal pay. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was in the parade with the stars, did something for equal pay while the festivities.

Cuomo has signed a law that extends state laws on equal pay for "prohibiting unequal pay on the basis of a protected class for all essentially similar work" . The law will also prohibit employers from interviewing potential employees about their salary history, says a statement on the governor's website.

Cuomo tweeted the news Wednesday morning, sharing a photo of himself with the new legislation at the USWNT World Cup celebration in Lower Manhattan.

"I just signed new legislation on pay equity at the #USWNTParade," reads in the tweet. "The women's football team is playing the same game as male football players – but in better terms.Men should be paid less.Thank you @USWNT for helping to lead this movement for change!"

The 28 members of the team filed a federal complaint for gender discrimination against the US Football Federation in March, citing the fact that they are paid less than their male counterparts Despite the same professional responsibilities, after reaching the finals and winning their fourth World Cup, players and supporters have resumed the fight for equal pay.

Fans who attended the final phase of the World Cup in Lyon, France began to chant "Equal pay!" after the US team won the championship game. You could hear the same song during the tape parade in New York on Wednesday. New York City's first lady, Chirlane McCray, encouraged the crowd to chant "United States, equal pay!"

"We have encouraged them on the field and we are with them also for equality off the field," said McCray during his speech at the ceremony at City Hall after the parade. In his speech, the president of the American Football Federation, Carlos Cordeiro, also spoke about the struggle for equal pay for women.

"At US Soccer, we believe that all female athletes deserve a fair and equitable salary … Because this team has taught us, being the best player is not just about playing on the pitch. This is what you are defending off the field, "Cordeiro said.

Star player Megan Rapinoe also spoke at the event and incorporated equal pay into her message. "I think he's with us, I think he's on the bright side," said Rapinoe after Cordeiro received scandals during his speech. "We are looking forward to keeping those feet in the fire."

"I could not be more proud": Megan Rapinoe expresses that the city of New York pays tribute to the champions of the Women's World Cup

When signing the parade ticket, Cuomo said "there is no reason why women should not be paid as men are paid".

"They are footballers, they play the same game as male footballers, and they play it better, so if there is any economic logic, men should be paid less than women," Cuomo said. "New York will continue to lead the way and stand with women and girls in every corner of this state, and by signing this bill we are not only doing what is right, we are acting morally and we equal work is now law in the state of New York ".

Between United States and songs of "equal pay" and many confetti, the US football team, which won the World Cup, was celebrated by tens of thousands of fans in adoring parade of the parade in New York.


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