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New York Times rejects "dangerous" Trump betrayal accusation

The New York Times fought back President Trump on Sunday, saying his article on US attacks on a Russian electricity grid was "a virtual act of treason."

"To accuse the treasonous press is dangerous," commented the report of the Times. "We described the article to the government before it was published, as our story notes, President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump defends an interview with Stephanopolous Trump defends an interview with Stephanopolous Buttigieg on foreign intelligence offers: "Just call the FBI"National security officials said there was no worries ".

He underlines in particular a section of his article that states that National Security Council officials have stated that they have no national security concerns about the details of history.

The Times recently announced that the United States is intensifying its digital attacks against the Russian power grid. Two senior administration officials told the Times that they thought the president had not been informed in detail of certain measures. Officials were reluctant to detail the activity in Trump, fearing that he would try to interfere in the conversation or discuss it with foreign officials, according to the Times.

Trump said that the story was not "real" on Twitter.

"Do you believe that the failed New York Times has just said that the United States is dramatically increasing cyberattacks against Russia," he tweeted. "It's an act of virtual betrayal by a big newspaper that was desperately searching for a story, whatever it may be, even if it was bad for our country."

"ALSO, NOT TRUE! It's all right with our Corrupt News media today," continued the president. "They will do or say whatever it takes, without even thinking of the consequences!"

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