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New York Yankees News: Marcus Stroman Trade Rumors Grow Before Deadline

NY Daily News | Kristie Ackert: It's no secret that the Yankees are on the pitching market and have been connected to Toronto Blue Jays starter Marcus Stroman. The Yankees have often faced the right-hander since they're in the same division, but they'll have a last close look at the final of their Sunday series. The Yankees and Jays will not meet again until the trading deadline. Expect a large number of scouts to be on site.

NY Post | Joseph Staszewski: On the trading deadline, the first step in the launch market has been made. The Red Sox strengthened the bottom of their rotation by acquiring the Orioles Pitcher, Andrew Cashner. Cashner bounced back pretty well after a gruesome 201 year when his ERA and FIP were both north of 5, and allows the Sox to use Nathan Eovaldi closer to him when he returns later in the season. . Cashner was not on the radar of the Yankees, but the anticipated movement of the Sox shows that they will remain buyers in the market.

NY Post | Ken Davidoff: For this deadline, the main focus has been on improving the Yankees' main needs for this season, especially the launch of the first pitch. There is, however, good reason to believe that the Yankees might choose to look for bigger shares for 2020 and the following years. The future of the Yankees with Dellin Betances remains uncertain because of the time he missed and Aroldis Chapman will have a withdrawal option to consider. Re-equip the long-awaited scoundrel for the future and the future could be an urgent issue.

NJ.com | Randy Miller: Cameron Maybin had just survived the roster that loomed over him when the injury virus turned on him on June 21st. The initial diagnosis required six weeks of healing, but in an unconventional version of injury updates this season, Maybin appears to be almost ready sooner than this schedule. Maybin said he felt "98%" back and that he wanted to start a rehabilitation mission as early as next week.

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