New York Yankees raise their arms for Patrick Corbin's visit to the Bronx


The last thing Patrick Corbin saw when he left Yankee Stadium early Thursday afternoon was two Post employees who were trying to stop and praise a brief conversation before heading down River Avenue.

Welcome to New York, which, if the left-handed independent agent signs with the Yankees, will likely become the home of Corbin, 29, in the next five years.

Corbin was in the Bronx to meet Yankee members, a group that included manager Aaron Boone, coach pitchers Larry Rothschild, coaching pen, Mike Harkey, and the guru of the 39, analysis, Zac Fieroh.

When asked when he was back from lunch, if he was free to talk about Corbin, Boone politely replied that he was not.

Corbin's visit was not limited to the stadium, as he had dinner with the Yankee decision makers on Thursday night.

"We're certainly in the middle of a very busy winter, whether it's trade or free agents, and in some cases free agents want to visit us. So Patrick Corbin is here at Yankee Stadium and in New York today, "said General Manager Brian Cashman at YES. "I would not call it a recruiting effort as much as an educational effort, where [he’s] have the chance to see the facilities on the local side, because it is clear that he played here as a visitor and he certainly went to New York as a visitor. He will have access to all aspects of our company, the brand, our efforts, the people, with Aaron Boone, our coaches and myself. I hope that it will come out to better understand who we are.

"It's obvious that he's making decisions with his family that will probably end up in a new landing place – I can not rule out, who knows if Arizona is still in the situation or not? We will see."

Senior Yankees who met Patrick Corbin on Thursday included (left to right) analysis guru Zac Fieroh, server coach Mike Harkey, manager Aaron Boone and pitcher coach Larry Rothschild.
Senior Yankees who met Patrick Corbin on Thursday included (left to right) analysis guru Zac Fieroh, server coach Mike Harkey, manager Aaron Boone and pitcher coach Larry Rothschild.Richard Harbus

CC Sabathia was at the stadium rehabilitating her surgically repaired knee and fell on Corbin, where the two left-handers exchanged their foot.

Thursday was the third consecutive day of Corbin's tour of the northeast corridor. On Tuesday, he met the Phillies. Wednesday it was the nationals. Because Corbin, a native of Clay, NY – a suburb of Syracuse – was a growing fan of the Yankees, many speculated that he would visit the Bronx as soon as he would have contacted an independent agency. . The Yankees have heavily spotted Corbin in recent years and have repeatedly discussed with the Diamondbacks of his acquisition through trade.

However, the Phillies have a pile of money burning holes in their deep pockets and need at least one starter and maybe two – even if they sign the autonomous field player Manny Machado. The Nationals made a $ 300 million offer to Bryce Harper, denied by the independent player. Harper and the Nationals could turn around and make a deal, but if they did not do it, the club would have a lot of money to pay for Corbin, which, according to industry representatives, would get a contract of five years ranging from 100 to 120 million dollars. .

Corbin is 56-54 with a silver point average of 3.91 in 172 league games (152 starts) and had a very good season in 2018, with a record of 11-7 with an average of 3.15 in 33 starts and 246,200 innings, was a star and finished fifth in the NL Cy Young race.

Although Sabathia does not know Corbin well and spoke to him only briefly, the veteran of the screamer is fascinated by the fact that the Yankees are courting a leading free agent after signing and buying James Paxton from the Mariners.

"It's just exciting, that's why you play for the Yankees. You have a chance to win, "Sabathia told The Post, idling at the traffic light on River Avenue. "Of course, you never get too much pitching. With the offensive we have, they do what they do, and having a good shot is exciting. "

If Corbin signs with the Yankees, there is no place of rotation open for the free agent J.A. Happ, because Corbin would join Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka, Paxton and Sabathia. Technically, Sonny Gray is still a Yankee, but Cashman was very clear about his desire to treat the right-hander before the start of the 2019 season.

Happ earned a 7-0 record with a 2.69 ERA in 11 starts for the Yankees after being acquired from the Blue Jays at the end of July. Happ, 36, had a 17-6 record, 3.65 in 31 starts between the Blue Jays and the Yankees, and was ranked All-Star for the first time.

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