New Zealand lockdown police arrest Kentucky fried chicken smugglers


In one of the strangest scenes of New Zealand’s bizarre coronavirus lockdowns, two suspected gang members were arrested on Sunday as they attempted to smuggle a large quantity of Kentucky Fried Chicken into the locked capital of ‘Auckland.

Authorities posted photos of the tasty contraband smeared on the hood of a police car, as if they had pocketed a shipment of weapons or illegal drugs:

“Close examination of photos of police evidence revealed at least three buckets of chicken, up to 10 jars of coleslaw and an undisclosed amount of fries,” he added. UK Guardian reported.

About $ 70,000 in cash was also confiscated from the Chicken Runners, who were described by police as “gang associates,” aged 23 and 30. They have been accused of attempting to breach Auckland’s level 4 coronavirus lockdown and attempting to flee from authorities. Smugglers could face up to six months in prison and fines of up to $ 4,000.

Police officials hinted on Monday that further charges against the couple could be laid. Possession of Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe is currently not illegal in New Zealand, but playing chicken with the police is frowned upon.

“Officers noticed a suspicious looking vehicle traveling on a gravel road and upon seeing the police car, the vehicle turned around and accelerated trying to evade the police. The vehicle was searched and police located the cash, as well as empty ounce bags and a large amount of take out, ”said one. declaration law enforcement.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – AUG 30: Northland Police check travel documents on State Highway One at the Maungaturoto exit with north and southbound traffic to and from Auckland on August 30, 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland and Northland are expected to remain in level four lockdowns on Wednesday when the rest of the country moves to Alert Level 3. Level 4 lockdown restrictions remain in place across Auckland as new cases of COVID-19 continue to be recorded. As part of the level 4 COVID-19 alert measures, people are invited to stay at home in their bubble, except for essential reasons, as travel is severely limited. All non-essential businesses are closed, including bars, restaurants, cinemas and playgrounds. All indoor and outdoor events are banned, while schools have switched to online learning. Essential services remain open, including supermarkets and pharmacies. (Photo by Fiona Goodall / Getty Images)

New Zealand and parts of Australia have come to the world’s attention for imposing incredibly tight lockdowns on a small number of Wuhan coronavirus infections. Auckland’s 1.7 million people have fallen under prison level lockout rules in August out of a total of 955 reported cases of the “Delta variant”. New Zealand has suffered a total of 3,593 coronavirus infections and 27 deaths throughout the pandemic.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after five weeks of confinement noted On Monday Auckland will reduce its lockdown level from 4 to 3, meaning inmate-residents will be allowed to “widen their bubbles slightly” by occasionally leaving their homes, provided they keep their distance from each other.

The Guardian pointed out that under Level 4 protocols, take-out foods such as Kentucky Fried Chicken were banned, giving fast food restaurants “the aura of a high-value illicit substance.” Criminal charges were filed against an Auckland man last week because he posted a video on social media of himself crossing city borders in search of a McDonald’s restaurant.

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