Newborn mother worries after Vancouver clinic linked to measles outbreak

by Kellee Azar, KATU News

Among the measles outbreaks that occurred in Clark County, where health officials confirmed 62 cases, one of the most concerned groups is parents of infants too young to receive the vaccine.

For a complete list of sites of exposure to measles, click here.

Health officials in Clark County said that newborns from mothers who have had measles or who have been vaccinated are born with antibodies that can protect them from infection, but this does not happen. is not 100% effective.

With two children under three, Tiffany Hamilton has her hands full.

Just six weeks ago, his youngest child, Riot, was born two months earlier and had to spend three weeks at the NICU.

"Honestly, having your children in the hospital is horrible," said Tiffany Hamilton.

She was finally able to take her daughter home, with Clark County facing the largest measles outbreak in recent years. Echo, his two-year-old daughter, only received one dose of the vaccine. Tiffany made sure to keep her at home too.

Several days passed without a new potential exhibition site being announced. Tiffany therefore thought that it would be prudent to bring her daughter to the doctor on Friday.

"It sounds silly, but it was like, yeah, get out of the house." It's going to the doctor, it should not be a big deal. It's a safe place for me, it's the people who take care of you, "said Tiffany.

But on Saturday, she learned that the doctor's office where he had gone had been advertised as another possible exposure site, which meant that his children might have been exposed to measles.

Now she is worried.

"Is his body strong enough to fight against something like this? I know it's not usually fatal, but premature newborns usually do not have it, "said Tiffany.

In the meantime, Tiffany says that she keeps a watchful eye on her daughters.

"I fly over their body like a hawk, we're not going anywhere where no one is coming," said Tiffany.

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