Next Chromebook 'Hatch' Obtaining a fingerprint scanner

After seeing the new Acer 714 and 715 Chromebooks at the Acer event this week, we can finally use the plural. Chromebooks when you talk about Chrome OS devices with fingerprint scanners. Until last week, we only had the Pixel Slate as a single Chromebook with biometric support. Now with the addition of the Acer 715 and 714, we now have a total of 3.

A commit appeared last week, However, this clearly shows that the next Intel Core-9 Chromebook only, known as "Hatch" at this point, will also have a fingerprint scanner. You can see in this commet that the language is quite clear and precise in knowing that "biod" is Chromium Biometric Daemon and that "fp" – when referenced in commits – speaks of a digital print:

hatch: activate biod

Enable the biod USE flag to install biod and flash_fp_mcu on the rootfs

BUG = b: 124996507

TEST = run build_packages, biod is installed

In addition, this commitment appeared with additional evidence of the new biometric scan of "Hatch" in the test phase:

hatch_fp: activate the fp_sensor task

The development of this mysterious Chromebook is still underway and we do not have a ton of details, except that it is the first device made with the latest Intel Comet Lake processors (9th generation). It probably means "Hatch" will be a leading Chromebook with many options. So we're digging a bit to see what else we can find.

For now, however, it's just nice to see more Chromebooks getting fingerprint scanners because Google is looking to leverage more biometrics on the web for login and authentication across all platforms. .

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