NFL adopts rule change after NFC Saints "No Call"


PHOENIX – The type of revolutionary non-appeal that cost the Saints a likely chance to play in the Super Bowl will now be revisable in NFL games.

NFL owners have approved the calling into question of all interference calls from offensive and defensive passes, as well as non-calls, according to several reports.

Previously, calls for interference, whether reported or unreported, could not be disputed.

The owners voted for the change Tuesday night at the NFL owners meeting in Phoenix, Arizona after a presentation from Saints head coach Sean Payton earlier in the day.

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The changes came from a vote on a proposal called "6C", which combined elements of Payton's proposal, "6B" aimed at making passive interference calls subject to immediate review, plays like the Rams cornerback, Nickell Robey-Coleman, on former Saints receiver, TommyLee Lewis in the NFC championship.

Rule 6c states: For one year only, extends the reviewable readings in Instant Replay to include pass interferences, called or not called in the field. Also develop automatic replay revisions to include marked games and overrides canceled by a foul, as well as any attempted attempt (conversion of an extra point or two points).

In addition to the new hard rules, Payton's proposal, originally named "Proposition 6B", but later integrated with other replay changes and called 6c, would allow re-players to replay control of unnamed interferences – like this that the Saints have experienced in their NFC championship. defeat against the Los Angeles Rams.

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"Everyone wanted to do things well, everyone wanted to do that, the big idea here is just to do it right and we should do it, we have the ability to do it." Again, it will not be perfect, "said the NFL commissioner. Roger Goodell said Tuesday.

PHOENIX – Pass interference, whether signaled or not, may be challenged by coaches and reviewed by officials next season. The owners of the NFL team voted Tuesday on a one-year trial basis to include these often controversial penalties in the referees' replay review system.

Phoenix reporters covering the owners' meetings were extremely surprised at the speed with which the rule has changed.

Payton also told reporters that any rule changes should not be limited to the playoffs. He said the Saints had taken advantage of the Pittsburgh Steelers who had been injured by a false Steelers interference call, allowing them to reach a touchdown in a game the Steelers were in desperate need of.

"[Sean’s] had an opinion. He knows how to express it, and he had a legitimate point of view (…) "Can we have 24 votes to vote?" Said Rich McKay, chairman of the NFL's Competition Committee. Tuesday.

It's a philosophical change, proving that Payton's voice has weight in the league.

"That's what I wanted to happen. That's why I made my statement. (The non-call in the title game) will not happen again, "said Gayle Benson in response to the decision.

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