NFL Draft 2019: Mel Kiper finds Buffalo Bills substitute by Kyle Williams in Mock 3.0

The Buffalo Bills have been very active in the field of free agencies, but have not done much to remedy their defensive line. Buffalo once again signed a one-year contract with Jordan Phillips, but did not find a long-term replacement for Kyle Williams. Could this be due to the fact that this year's project is very serious in defensive tackle?

GM Brandon Beane may have alluded to this at the NFL owners meeting Monday when he met the media.

"You certainly look at the selection committee and see where there are areas of depth at a certain place, so we may not need to be as aggressive in free will," Beane said. . "I think we were aggressive in a few areas and maybe we were worried because there was not a lot of depth, so let's fix it now. If we miss the top two or three players at a certain position, it's not up to you to take a guy where you're not really sure what type of upgrade it's going to be. ; about. "

The fictional Mel Kiper Jr. bill proposes to replace Kyle Williams in Rashan Gary, Michigan. Gary is considered a versatile lineman who can play at different points on the defensive line.

This is what Kiper said about Gary's selection by the bills.

"Gary had a solid combination – he ran a 4.58-yard dash and did a good job on every drive – but we already knew he was physically good. The talks were more important to him there. He was probably asked why he had only 10.5 bags in three seasons. This choice is a bet for its cap, which is extremely high, and coaches will try to make the most of it consistently. The Bills added receivers John Brown and Cole Beasley to free play, but do not rule out a close finish for second-year quarterback Josh Allen. "

Kiper is also laughing at Gary in the draft bills in his first draft.

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