NFL free agency 2019: Do you think the 49ers should watch Glover Quin or Charles Clay?


NFL free agency is less than a month away, which means teams are now reviewing their current list and making decisions for both the list and the salary cap space.

There were some releases on Friday and they have intriguing names. Glover Quin, the Detroit Lions security guard, was released, while the Buffalo Bills were released, Charles Clay. Both can still find a list. Could they fit on the 49ers?

Glover Quin

Quin, a 10-year veteran, has had productive seasons, but none of them compare to his miserable 2014 year with the Lions, where he scored seven interceptions. He was also solid, having started all the games of each season, but his rookie year. The Quin figures in 2018, however, decreased slightly. He had no interception and only three defended passes. When it is targeted, it also resulted in a completion of 66.7 percentage. Her release may have been tied to a ceiling and she releases $ 6.25 million in Lions salary cap space.

The 49ers need help with safety, or at least depth because of all the injuries, and Quin can still play. While many are considering bringing Earl Thomas to San Francisco, Thomas is also interested in the Dallas Cowboys and a backup plan might be needed. Quin might not break his piggy bank and provide some leadership to Adrian Colbert, D.J. Reed (perhaps) and Marcell Harris.

Charles Clay

Since 2013, Clay has always managed to get a 500-yard season. Well, that is until 2018 when he only accumulated 184 yards. Clay was a healthy scratch for several games in 2018 with the Buffalo Bills, so it's not a good sign. He is 30 years old, so he starts to climb in age, but could still be productive.

Anyway, the 49ers have the show of George Kittle, so it can compliment him. At first, it may have been Garrett Celek, but it has been a severe regression in 2018. It looks like it's because of a broken finger, but the 49ers may want to compete with Kittle. A tight second end to combine with Kittle could cause the 49ers to assemble sets of two disgusting ends.

What else:

The Lions also released extended receiver Bruce Ellington (yes, the same Bruce Ellington drawn by the 49ers). Ellington has not yet played a full season in the NFL and his career has been marked by injuries. He was injured when Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch took control of the franchise. It is unlikely that he will come back. In addition, linebacker Nicholas Grigsby was released. Grigsby was released by the mid-season Patriots of New England. The Lions picked him up and he did not collect any statistics, according to Pro Football Reference. Maybe the 49ers could use it as a training camp? Hey can come cheap

No matter which of these names seems to be something to bring to the 49ers?

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