NFL leaders predict the future of Antonio Brown, what happens now?

Pittsburgh Steelers catcher, Antonio Brown, exulted when signing a contract to become the highest-paid NFL receiver two years ago.

"The Steelers for Life", had tweeted Brown at the time, accompanied by a picture showing him beaming with his agents.

The weather changes.

Brown's Twitter timeline has become a way to request an exchange. Brown used the social media platform to convince Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to make it known. After a meeting on Tuesday with Steelers president Art Rooney II, Brown tweeted that both sides were in agreement that it was time to part ways.

Although Brown's career in Pittsburgh may be over, the future is unclear. Recent conversations with league leaders have set some parameters for a constantly changing situation.

What is the probability of a trade? What the Steelers could get in return? Which teams would be the most logical contenders? NFL leaders cover the relevant terrain here.

The probability of trading can fluctuate from one hour to the next

Most of the leaders thought the Steelers would trade Brown.

One of them was more categorical than the others, but he changed his mind on Tuesday after reports from the Brown-Rooney meeting suggested to all parties that a separation would be preferable. This executive also changed what he thought the Steelers could get in return (more details below), an indication of the fluidity of the situation.

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