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Former Husker and Dallas Cowboys defender Randy Gregory was indefinitely suspended for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, the fourth time the troubled player is banned by the league.

The suspension announced Tuesday comes about seven months after the reinstatement of Gregory by Commissioner Roger Goodell following a lengthy process to revive his career. Gregory missed 30 of 32 games in two seasons following his first three suspensions.

Gregory enjoyed his best year in 2018, recording career highs with six sacks and 14 regular season games. He also played in both playoffs. Gregory was reinstated just before the start of training camp last year and was active for the first game of the season.

There is no guarantee that Gregory, age 26, will be reinstated should he try. His previous suspension had lasted a year, and Gregory had waited several months to seek his reinstatement in the hope of improving his chances.

Gregory's first suspension was announced in February 2016 and he was absent from the team during the training camp while he was in rehab. The second suspension came seven months later. Gregory stayed with the team while he was serving the 14-game ban before playing in the last two games. He then missed the entire 2017 season while serving a one – year suspension.

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