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NFL teams stuck in a rut in 2019 | Bleacher's report

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    Chris O 'Meara / Associated Press

    Some NFL teams simply can not get out of neutral – or worse.

    Teams stuck in Purgatory are not hard to identify. They have trouble making the post-season consistently. Their front-line offices are tearing quarterbacks or mediocre ones too long, and they are not giving coaches enough time to prove themselves.

    Of course, success is still possible for these teams. Escapes occur, such as when the Buffalo Bills qualified for the playoffs in 2017 for the first time since 1999.

    The following teams are not entirely hopeless, but the long-standing mediocrity and bleak prospects for 2019 suggest gloomy prospects.

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    Lynne Sladky / Associated Press

    The Miami Dolphins again press the reset button, this time with Brian Flores as the lead coach.

    The long-time assistant coach of the New England Patriots is trying to reorganize the culture in Miami. That's why he brought in old Pats like Dwayne Allen and Eric Rowe. But when these two players, plus Ryan Fitzpatrick, are the most remarkable additions to the team in full autonomy, the flaws of the perspectives become clear.

    The Dolphins have won more than eight games in a single season since 2008 with only one playoff play of the period. They have been in series twice since 2001.

    Although Flores does not have to deal with the purgatory Ryan Tannehill, his main options are Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen, who come from Arizona after just one season of the NFL and will have to adapt to a new coaching staff.

    Do not forget that dolphins were only chosen once in the top 50 repechage this year. The defensive tackle Christian Wilkins, 13th overall, will not do enough to cover the losses of guys like Robert Quinn and Cameron Wake. Flores and Co. are stuck in a holding pattern while still crossing their fingers so that Tom Brady is not ageless.

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    Christian Petersen / Getty Images

    The Kliff Kingsbury-Kyler Murray era is underway for the Cardinals of Arizona.

    Despite everything, the hype of the team speaks volumes about its reputation and prospects. The Cardinals have not won more than eight games in a season since 2015, the second of two consecutive playoff appearances. Before that, there were four seasons without playoffs after two playoff sessions during Kurt Warner's brief spell.

    The only hope for the Cardinals in 2019 is that Kingsbury is a kind of scholar. The Cardinals made the bet to recruit an inexperienced head coach to join the offensive trend of the league. This could become a blatant overcompensation for former staff, who could not figure out how to properly use attacking halfback David Johnson and throw Josh Rosen on the wolves, which yielded 45 sacks, a record 3- 13 and No. 1. choose.

    In addition to that, the Cardinals allowed 26.6 points per game last year and ranked last last against the race at 154.9 yards per game. Do not forget the drama with Patrick Peterson this season off.

    A mosaic work in the game of free agencies, a good hand, a rookie quarter, a difficult division and a big question mark after a change of staff at the coaches indicate that the Cardinals will not leave the club. rut soon.

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    Frank Franklin II / Associated Press

    The fact that many do not know what the New York Giants have been trying to accomplish this off season speaks volumes.

    The Giants took part in the playoffs only once in 2011 and scored .500 twice over that period.

    If the front office had recruited quarterback Daniel Jones and called it one day, there would be a well-defined succession plan, and most of them could probably join it.

    But it is not so simple. The Giants pushed Odell Beckham Jr. through the door and let Landon Collins walk, depriving both units of first-tier players. At the same time, they stick with Eli Manning and try to thwart the defeat against Wideout by bringing in Golden Tate, which gives him $ 37.5 million.

    Keep in mind that Manning just finished a season of five wins with a completion percentage of 66%, 21 touchdowns and 11 steals. He also took 47 bags. Beckham lost 1252 yards and six last year's in just 12 games, as did Collins's 96 total tackles and four assists – also in 12 games.

    In other words, the Giants have created controversy over the back quarters, downgraded dramatically in a few areas and do not solve problems such as the left tackle, an unresolved error of a dead season. In the east of the NFC, it's a recipe to be a staple on lists like this one.

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    Chris O 'Meara / Associated Press

    Bruce Arians will not be able to save the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the south of the NFC.

    One of the quietest teams in the NFL has not participated in the playoffs since 2007 and has thrown only three looks on the .500 line on this occasion. The Bucs have six or fewer curriculum wins in five of the last six seasons.

    There is no reason to think that this is changing soon. The biggest success of the free agency for Tampa Bay was to retain his forward, Donovan Smith. The reception then used one of the top five picks on Devin White, an internal linebacker. White could be great, but the price-quality ratio seems off.

    In one way or another, offensive problems outweigh a defense that seeks to rebound after accumulating 29 points per game.

    Arians maneuver as Jameis Winston is recoverable after 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions last year. Winston does not have much in the background in the background, as Ronald Jones, picking the second round in 2018, averaged 1.9 yards per race last year. The big receivers Adam Humphries (76 catches, 816 yards, five touchdowns) and DeSean Jackson (41/774/4) have disappeared.

    Maybe the Buccaneers can get out of the NFC South cellar with a new eye on the list, but the team is at a disadvantage.

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    Kirk Irwin / Getty Images

    The Cincinnati Bengals could be the poster of teams stuck in a rut.

    Although five consecutive series appearances (2011-15) are not a rut, the fact is that Marvin Lewis could not win a game in any of them. The Bengals are also underperforming given the talent on the list.

    Now the Bengals have not won more than seven games in three seasons and have run. They went from Lewis and bet on a young unknown Zac Taylor, who could turn against him.

    The Bengals have at least the merit of having tried – which sums up the Taylor era well so far. They used a first-round pick on Jonah Williams and placed him on the left tackle, but he had a torn labrum in the OTAs and will likely miss the season. The offensive line will once again look like the worst unit in the league a year ago.

    Also save the usual bets: Tyler Eifert is back on a one-year contract, John Ross is struggling to meet the expectations of a top-10 pick, the linebacker was ignored despite a major problem and the majority of Green Taylor employees.

    The Bengals were fortunate that these changes could make them an innovator, but they are more likely to leave them in a rut.

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