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Niantic sues a group of alleged "Pokémon Go" cheats

Some of the Global ++ members are appointed, including the alleged leader Ryan Hunt and the YouTube promoter, Alen Hundur. There are also 20 anonymous members who have not yet been identified.

Global ++ had not responded directly to the allegations, but it responded to the complaint by deleting its website and its Discord servers. She stated that she was closing "indefinitely" in order to honor her "legal obligations".

As in the case of other lawsuits against cheaters, certain aspects of Niantic's lawsuit could be contentious. Although Global ++ clearly did not have permission to modify Niantic's applications, some wondered if gaming studios were actually losing revenue because of cheats. This is especially true in games like Pokemon Go, which are not focused on real-time competition. There is little doubt that cheats can spoil the experience, however, and Niantic might think that a lawsuit could deter other potential fraudulent users.

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