Nicholas Sandmann suing the Washington Post for $ 250 million

Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann on Tuesday lodged a $ 250 million defamation suit against the Washington Post, accusing the newspaper of targeting him "in a modern form of McCarthyism."

Lawyers for Sandmann, 16, filmed during a viral confrontation with an American in Washington, claimed that the newspaper had led a "crowd of thugs who attacked, vilified and threatened" an innocent minor.

"The Washington Post has unconsciously ignored the basic standards of journalists because it was eager to advance its biased program against @realDonaldTrump by attacking individuals considered his supporters," said lawyer Lin Wood in a statement.

Nick Sandmann was perceived as an easy target. He's 16. Inexcusable at all levels.

The Kentucky student was with his class in the nation's capital to attend an anti-abortion rally on Jan. 18, when he was confronted by 64-year-old Nathan Phillips.

The video triggered a firestorm on social networks, with some claiming the incident was motivated by racial considerations and prompted by high school students.

Many stories published on the incident and many viral videos contained inaccurate or incomplete information.

The lawsuit states that the Washington Post "ignored the truth and falsely accused Nicholas, among others, of having" accused[ing]"Phillips by" sudden swarm[ing]"He in a" threat[ing]And "physically intimidate[ing]"Way."

When filing the complaint, Sandmann's lawyer warned that "All members of the crowd of rogues on social and social media who were rashly and viciously attacking Nick would be well served to read it carefully."

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