Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt focused on their own game before facing Derrick Henry

Henry, meanwhile, has run over 100 yards in all but four games this season. At 6-3, 247 pounds, no running back in the league has the same combination of size and speed, and few defenses have been able to execute a game plan to completely suppress their Pro Bowl talents. .

Chubb and Hunt can’t do anything to stop Henry. But if they can exceed their production against the Titans, who have the 16th best running defense in the league, the Browns’ offense should be in good shape.

“I know everyone will want to say it’s all about these running backs – the three of them, they’re extremely special; don’t get me wrong,” quarterback Baker Mayfield said, “but it’s a great and awesome game. It’s going to be all three phases against each other. We’re going to have to play complementary football and play as a team to win this game. It’s going to be physical. “

Chubb might have additional motivation to overtake Henry. He was knocked out for the title on floor last season in Week 17, when Henry ran for a season-best 211 yards to make one final jump over Chubb.

But if Chubb didn’t think much about playing on the same pitch as Henry on Sunday, then why would he have any grudges over what happened in 2019? He’s one of the Brown’s best offensive playmakers since returning from his injury in Week 10, and he’s focused on himself and possibly building his fourth straight game with over 100 yards. .

“A little bit,” Chubb said when asked if he’s bothered about missing the title, “but it’s nothing personal against him. He’s more than me.”

Revenge will certainly come for Chubb if he and Hunt help the Browns achieve their ninth victory and take it one step closer to the playoffs. The duo in a hurry helped the Browns build their best season since 2007, but there is still a lot of work to be done to reach their seasonal goals.

Maybe that’s why Chubb hasn’t given much thought to who’s on the other end of the pitch. Of course, the clash of the game can be between running backs, but his personal goal is only one person’s output.

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