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Nick Easton will soon be released for medical reasons

We know that the Minnesota Vikings will look for options along the offensive line once free trade begins in two weeks and it has been reported that a potential option would be re-authorized for medical reasons.

Andrew Krammer, of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, reports that goalkeeper Nick Easton, who missed all of last season due to a back injury, made another trip to his doctor. football again.

Easton was acquired by the Vikings in 2015 (with a draft sixth round pick) of the San Francisco 49ers for linebacker Gerald Hodges. He was about to become a restricted free agent last season, but the Vikings issued him a call for second round bids, giving him a salary of about $ 2.9 million. Easton is then injured in the back during the pre-season and was placed in an injured reserve.

Easton was to return to the left guard for the Vikings last season before his injury and his absence further upset things. I do not know how much he will be able to apply on the open market, since he's just undergone surgery, but it would not be surprising to see the Vikings bring him back at a relatively inexpensive price . compete for a place once again. It was obvious that the Vikings liked it well before, but it was under a different group of coaches.

I certainly would not be against the return of Easton by the Vikings, but they certainly can not count on him like in 2018. It will be necessary to see if the team feels as much for him now as for the moment. one year ago.

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