Nick Viall and his new girlfriend Natalie Joy officially take to Instagram with playful video

Nick viall maybe not single for long, because he’s ready to show his pride and joy.

On January 27, the reality TV star went official on Instagram with his new girlfriend Natalie Joy.

The surgical technologist posted a funny clip to her Instagram story that apparently confirmed their romance. It showed Nick’s virtual reality experience crashing down, while wearing a white VR headset and hand sensors. She leaned over his shoulder and pursed her lips for a kiss.

Hilariously, he didn’t give her a kiss, possibly because he was too engrossed in his game. The single person The star told him, “You freak me out. I’m going to die” as they both laughed at their antics.

The PDA moment seems to validate what fans have suspected since the paparazzi spotted the couple in Los Angeles. January 19, Viall files podcaster was seen walking around with Natalie in her neighborhood, their first public observation together.

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However, they’ve been hinting at a relationship for months. In October, Natalie posted a photo of herself wearing a sultry turquoise gown at Water Oak Manor in Auburn, Alabama, and captioned it: “* patiently waits for the date to show up. *” And the Southern girl bragged about being the “happiest” I have been on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia in September.

Natalie Joy, Nick Viall, Instagram
Natalie Joy, Nick Viall, Instagram

Earlier today, Nick referred to a girl in his life when he joked on Instagram: “When you ask her what she wants for dinner and she says ‘I agree with everything’ … We both know that ‘everything’ doesn’t mean wings. “

So, what’s there to know about Natalie? Well, she loves the health field. Just five days ago, she shared a photo of herself with scrubs and a mask on, saying, “I know you can’t see it but I’m 100% smiling under this mask !! J love my job. “

She is also friends with Sarah hyland, and even celebrated New Years Eve with the Modern family gal (who is connected to Bachelor Nation through his partner Wells adams).

And of course Natalie is close to her mother, Lisa Joy, as they gathered to spend Christmas together in Alabama. The brunette beauty buttered her up, writing, “My mom is the definition of timeless beauty.”

Nick Viall, Valentine's Day 2020
Nick Viall, Valentine’s Day 2020

It seems her Southern charm was just the thing to capture Nick’s heart, following her on-screen romance with Bachelorettes Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe, as well as her ex-fiancee Vanessa Grimaldi.

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