Nicki Minaj cancels her show and fans start singing "Cardi B"


Nicki MinajThe European tour of the French television channel had another big problem Saturday night (March 9) in Bordeaux, France, when his show was canceled just before the start of his program. Some fans present were so upset that they started chanting "Cardi B" while they were heading to the exits.

Nicki is pretty much in the middle of his Wrld tour with Juice World. But last night's show ended up being another disappointment for reasons other than the Queen rapper control. Apparently, the venue was not able to power Nicki's complete set, so the show was closed at the last minute. A video surfaced of the crowd's reaction to the announcement of the cancellation. Many people are upset, some raise the major to the stage. While they begin to filter until the exit, a large crowd begins to sing the name of Nicki, the arch-nemesis of Cardi B, for the obvious purpose of upsetting rapper Young Money for n & rsquo; Have not played.

Nicki jumped on Twitter and Instagram to tackle the show that is not happening. "Why would an artist cancel a show and lose money? she asked on Twitter. "When they are already in the building, dressed, etc. The artist is as crazy as the fans when a show can not continue.I like to see my fans.Nothing can stop me. B4 the show, WRLD juice & I'm just as excited as you.

Nicki's fans were not all pissed off. Some stayed to cheer the rapper. This is the second time that one of Nicki's shows is canceled for technical reasons. In February, she was forced to cancel a stop in Munich, Germany, because of a similar problem.

Check out the footage from the series and Nicki's answers below.

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