Some technical problems can not prevent Nicki Minaj from introducing herself. A few days ago, Minaj grabbed her Instagram account to say how much she felt "forced out" due to the cancellation of one of her first stops "Nicki Wrld Tour "in Slovakia. "I can not believe my fans sometimes," Minaj wrote in an Instagram post now removed. "After waiting for hours and hours, they have always tried to be understanding, and the production has been told that the building does not have the power to facilitate my elevators (which does not just move me underneath and very much above the stage, but also our accessories, our furniture, our dancers, our group, etc.), our lighting, our fog, our cryo, our confetti, our films and our visuals: the show is powered on then the circuit breaker goes off after a few minutes Juice WRLD & I waited while they did that over and over again for 3 hours. "

Production brought safety to the fore, and the next day the tour resumed operations in Poland. Minaj shared a handful of intimate photos and clips of her performances, including one where the rapper asked fans to look for a skirt that she "lost somewhere on stage". She also gave fans a taste of what was happening behind the film. -scenes as she delivers famous movie lines and celebrates birthdays with her team.

Minaj also shared an excerpt from the scene in Budapest showing the thousands (and thousands) of fans who love the audience.

The European section of the "Nicki Wrld Tour" will also include Juice WRLD and will run until March 28, the end date in Switzerland.