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It was another great weekend for Marvel Studios, as they officially announced Black panther ii with the new Disney + series Mrs. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk.

Well, now it seems like another Marvel character might come to the MCU. This character is Jack Russell, a night werewolf. The news comes from Geeks WorldWide, who said: "Our sources are unclear about where Werewolf will appear for the first time, but Knight of the moon is a possibility since Moon Knight made his comic debut in Werewolf at night No. 32 and they have had close ties ever since. "

However, it is also possible that the character appears in Blade because he also has a connection with this character. The report also states that they heard that Dracula will appear in Blade Similarly, the involvement of Werewolf By Night is even more likely.

They also say that a film derived from Werewolf By Night is being explored by Marvel.

Jack Russell is a victim of an old family curse and has struggled for years with his bestial alter-ego. "But over time, he has conquered his inner demons. He is now fighting the dark forces that invade our world. He is an executioner of justice, an avenger of the shadows and a night werewolf. "

Are you a fan of Werewolf By Night and are you excited to learn that it could be introduced at MCU?

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