Nike Adapt BB sneakers break after being updated with Android: reports

Some users report problems with Nike's latest lace-up sneakers.

According to the comments left by several users on the Google Play Store, updating the $ 350 Nike Nike Adapt BB smart sneakers with an Android phone has resulted in the breaking of the shoes.

The shoes were released Sunday, but a firmware update was immediately offered. Some users said that the shoes were working out of the box, but when they updated the firmware, the shoes refused to associate with the application.

Several users stated in their comments that when they had tried to associate the sneakers with the application, it conveyed a message stating that the sneakers had already been paired and that the left shoe was not responding. more completely.

"The application only synchronizes with the left hoof and fails every time," reads an article written by Steve Craig.

The pairing with the Apple version of the associated application and an iPhone does not seem to produce the same problem, said some users in their reviews, but a user told Deadspin that it had happened to them even on iOS.

Some users said they could associate their shoes after a hard reset.

A spokesman for Nike did not immediately comment on the issue.

The Nike Adapt BB comes with a charging mat and an application that allows users to change the color of the lights and adjust the tightness of the shoes, among other functions.
Dennis Green / Business Insider

The Adapt BB was launched as a model of Nike's self-lace sneakers for consumers. It has both a lower price and a case of essential use: basketball.

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The launch of the shoe seems to have been a success. According to the chain checks made by analyst Instinet Simeon Siegel, the shoe was almost completely sold.

"The sneaker costs $ 350 and we point out that since its release Sunday at 10 am on Tuesday morning, [resale platform] StockX had 1,600 sales for an average price of $ 469, which reflects the popularity and limited availability of this publication, "wrote Siegel in a note to investors.

"C & # 39; [Nike’s] A new, more traditional version of its new intelligent, self-lacing adaptive shoe technology, and we will be looking for future launches that could use this technology in the future. "

The good news is that even if they are not associated with a companion app, the shoes are not technically brick-based because users can still wear them.

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