Nike football jerseys from Syracuse delayed by production error


Syracuse, N.Y. – Syracuse football fans will have to wait a little longer to buy a jersey featuring the team's orange signature as their main color.

John Wildhack, of Syracuse, told Syracuse Sports' Brent Ax of on Wednesday that the orange and white jerseys were delayed until the end of the year due to a production error of Nike.

"There was a production problem with orange and white in terms of what was delivered," Wildhack said. "They got the numbers wrong – and that happens, so it's not unique to Syracuse, it's happening in the industry, so we came back and we said that it was unacceptable.

"I will not market anything that is not authentic to our fans. We will probably have orange and white on sale – they should be in October. Not ideal, but again, we want to make sure that what we put on the market is really authentic. "

The absence of an orange jersey has been a major frustration for fans in the past. The retail publication in mid-August was the initial target of the three options: navy, orange and white jersey.

The navy jersey is currently available for sale.

Syracuse has announced this new look at an event to be held at Turning Stone's Lava Nightclub in June. There will be three sets of uniforms and no blue helmets for the 2019 season.

The initial reaction to the release was positive, although many emphasized the similarities with the Cleveland Brown uniforms.

"It's about respecting our past and looking boldly into the future. "… respect the past," Wildhack said during the revelation. "These are the classics, no, the classics never go out of style, but how can you take advantage of them, update them and make them contemporary?

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