Nike's Android app is preparing its Adapt BB self-locking shoes


The Nike Adapt BB's Android app is breaking shoes, the users said.

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A faulty application triggered Nike's $ 350 self-knot shoes.

During the NBA Star Game, Nike launched Sunday the Adapt BB, its technology-impregnated sneakers, as well as an app to control the fit and bright colors of the shoe.

You are able to loosen and tighten the sneakers with two buttons located on the side of the sneakers, but Nike executives talked about the experience of the application, saying that it would also help you in your fitness activities in the future.

The Adapt BB needed a firmware update during its first week, which could only be installed via an iOS or Android application, said Nike executives in January.

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But for Android users, the application for sneakers has not been adapted. Many critics of the Nike Adapt app on the Google Play Store said that she had not connected to the left shoe, and an update made the main functionality of the shoe useless.

You can still wear the sneakers and browse them, but all the smart features of the application have stopped working with the update, said users frustrated.

"The first software update of the shoe caused an error while updating, giving the shoe a good footing," wrote Asa Domolky, a critic.

Nike has not responded to a request for comment.

The iOS version of the application has had fewer problems, with more than 150 reviews and mostly positive experiences.

Jonathan Warner, who has ordered a pair of Adap BBs, worries that he's ruining the shoes at $ 350. He said that he had ordered them before checking the reviews of the Android app and that he had become anxious when he had seen the flood of complaints.

He said that he had asked his friends to borrow an iPhone to connect his sneakers on their arrival.

"I'm afraid to install mine when they come, that's why I have to borrow an iPhone," Warner said in a direct message. "I think I've made some bad life decisions."

In the past, Nike already had shoes to tie – HyperAdapt 1.0 to $ 720 – but this is the first time it uses an application to connect to sneakers. The app also tells you the life of the battery left on your shoes and allows you to set profiles, for example if you want to leave them loose when sitting at a desk or running.

Like all "smart" things, Nike's new sneakers can hit the snafus of technology. Connected shoes also raise concerns about privacy, as Nike seeks to collect data from the app to develop better products.

Defective updates that eventually disable portable devices have already occurred. Apple has released its update of Watch OS 5.1 after its appearance in the series 4 Apple Watches.

Although these defects make the devices totally useless, at least the Adapt BB turns into a pair of classic sneakers.

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