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Nimmo gets sick with home cooking

The spring training has had its share of strange injuries: players are marginalized by stumbling on sprinklers, sponging their heads or throwing their chewing gum.

Brandon Nimmo, the New York Mets Soldier, added a new Wednesday. Nimmo was a victim of food poisoning caused by eating undercooked chicken that he had prepared himself.

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"I guess he cooked chicken and that he did not know how to cook or anything like that," said director Mickey Callaway. "He's been vomiting all night, so we're going to have to teach him how to cook so he does not miss any more games."

Nimmo, 25, was a surprise for last year's underperforming Mets, beating .263 with a .404 percentage on the base, hitting home 17 times and still playing hard.

He had been injured in the shoulder early in the camp but had to make his defensive debut on Thursday. This could be postponed for another day.

"He lost a lot of cash," Callaway said. "I hate putting him out and firing a hammer or something because he's dehydrated, so probably unlikely, but we'll watch him and see when he comes in."

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