Ninja has strong advice to give parents who send their children to Fortnite rehabilitation clinics

While some parents worry about how much time their children spend playing at Fortnite, the famous Tyler Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins streamer has a few things to say about their worries.

As is the case with most video games that are becoming incredibly popular, kids start to spend a ridiculous amount of time playing them, which causes their parents anxiety.

The situation seems to have got so much worse that some parents even send their children to rehab because they develop an addiction and play up to 12 hours a day.

As reported in a video that has been circulating on Twitter since its publication on the morning of November 28th, it seems to be a widespread problem that many parents are facing.

The video was accompanied by an article establishing at one point a connection between video games and drugs, while the British behavior specialist concludes that "[Fortnite] is like heroin. Once you are hooked, it is difficult to get off the hook. "

For Ninja, however, the problem does not come from Fortnite himself, but rather from parents, because it clearly explains that the problem is that they can not reduce their children's habits more than anything else.

He says that instead of replacing the title of the article titled "Fortnite Addiction forces kids to readjust to video games," they should have done it with "Terrible parents do not know how to remove the gaming system from their children. "

This debate is not new, however, as most popular games face similar claims as parents argue to make sure their kids lose a lot of time in a new game.

Fortnite has recently passed the 200 million mark and with much of its audience being younger, it is likely not the last time we hear about this issue.

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