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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, still the world’s most famous crossover sensation streaming, even years after the peak of its relevance, looks like he’s a little tired that every one of his actions is being watched closely by millions of people all the time.

In a new profile by the New York Times which, of course, began with the required reference to an otherwise irrelevant video game that the author played in his youth (Golden eye, in this case), Blevins has spoken on a wide range of topics. These have been unified by a single guideline: He’s tired of a whole lot of things viewers say about him and him.

Here, for example, Blevins on his return to Twitch after the Microsoft slot machine briefly attracted him to streaming platform now defunct Mixer:

“When we came back from Mixer, I knew I was not going to be the biggest streamer in terms of viewers anymore. You’re not the # 1 streamer, go, come back and you’re # 1 again. I’m bringing people into my chat and they’re like, ‘You fall. LOL. Good Mixer move, man. The movement of the mixer was clever. I don’t regret anything that I did. I could teach all these kids to talk [expletive], but when you answer them, they say, “He said my name!” Their name is 69fartsniffer, and you read their name, and their next comment after they roast you is that they are laughing like a little schoolgirl. Like, “You noticed me!” It’s the worst.

Here he’s talking about young viewers and, uh, kind of contradict his own previous position sure passionate player moments:

“Do you want to know who your child is?” Listen to him when he plays video games when he thinks you are not. Here’s another thing: How does a white kid know he has white privilege if his parents never teach him or talk about racism? If they’re playing and their first interaction with racism is one of their friends saying the N word and they have no idea what it is – what if it was on my stream? Is it my job to have this conversation with this child? No, because the first thing that goes through my head is, “This kid is doing this on purpose to troll me. If someone says a racial insult on someone else’s stream, it can potentially ban that streamer. It’s horrible, but it’s the first thing I think of.

And he seems very tired of hearing about his own stance on not broadcasting with women-A bad catch it is came back to some extent in the years that followed, but not entirely.

“The accusations are what made me say this about the players. I was like, I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure no one can even start a rumor or make Clickbait YouTube videos: “ Ninja has been playing this person a lot lately. They flirt. Here is a clip. Do you know how to make sure that never happens? You don’t let that happen! That’s what went through my mind. I still want to not spend a lot of time alone with a woman, in general, if you are a married man. I mean, they could be your best friend, that’s totally cool. But if I start playing randomly with a woman that no one knows, people will start talking. So if I a m I’m going to play with female players, I do it with a big group, so it’s not that one-on-one interaction. “

Extremely not entirely.

“Of course, a guy and a girl can be friends without being intimate. But it’s like a temptation, man. I actually don’t like that word, because I have control over myself and have 100% respect for my relationship, but – I don’t know how to say it. I know people are potentially going to take it now like, ‘Oh, he can’t trust himself, blah blah blah“. Dude no. But when you’re no longer ‘Joe’, who can have a drink with his colleague and no one [expletive]- I don’t have that luxury.

Perhaps one day Blevins will work out his positions on his passivity when it comes to calling young viewers out on racism and the active role it plays in spreading retrograde views on women. Today doesn’t seem to be that day.

In happier news, Blevins, a self-proclaimed “man of ideas”, certainly had some ideas. Inspired by his days as a professional gamer who had to drive for over 8 hours at a time, he designed a new product.

“What happens on a long drive? You are cold, and it’s like: I’m freezing! I’m tired! “He said.” Well you turn up the heat and you’re too hot. Now you’re hot or you’re falling asleep, but you don’t want the window down either, because what’s going on? Is it freezing or if it’s super noisy with that window down? So it’s here: little self-adhesive cold strips that you put under your eyes so that the windows are open and the heat comes on. That would be good for truckers. Dude: cold bands. “

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