Nintendo Direct Predictions: Pokemon Gen 8, Starters and Region Reveal



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By Casey DeFreitas

We finally get a Pokémon Direct for the first time in over a year, on February 27 at 6:00 am Pacific Daylight Time / 9:00 am, the day before / 2:00 pm GMT and February 28th at 1 pm morning time. AEDT (sorry for Australia.) Although we're not sure he's concentrating on the Pokemon RPG title base for Nintendo Switch, why have a Pokémon Direct if Nintendo does not discuss the incredibly highly anticipated Generation 8? Yes, we ride with that. Here is what we expect (and hope) from tomorrow in Pokemon Direct.

1. The names of games and logos of the generation 8

If we can trust the slightest revelation in Pokemon Direct from February 2019, this is the name of the Generation 8 Pokemon Nintendo Switch games. We heard about Gen 8 Pokemon games at E3 2017, and we learned in May 2018 would arrive worldwide in the fall of 2019. It is time we learn, at the very least, the name and logo of the new games marketed this year. We had at least as many things from the 2016 version of Pokemon Direct for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Check out the original Pokemon Sun and Moon teaser that was unveiled at the February 2016 Pokemon Direct above.

2. Name and details of the region

On February 20th, the official Pokemon Twitter account started tweeting each day promotional "Explore Pokemon" promotional videos specific to a region, in the style of travel announcements, starting with Kanto. From the historic town of Ecruteak of Johto up to the sweet Casteliacones of Unova, these videos cover sites to see in each region. If the trend continues, Alola, the most recent region, should be covered on February 26th and an eighth could be covered on February 27th.

Assuming that Pokemon Direct provides at least some details around Pokemon Gen 8 games, we expect the region to be revealed at the same pace as the videos that preceded it.

Although the "Explore Pokemon" promotions rely heavily on the art and traditions of anime, this announcement could potentially use conceptual art and game cutscenes, but we can not be sure this will happen. Some region-specific details may also be discussed during Pokemon Direct, along with an "Explore Pokemon" promotion to be released on Pokemon's official Twitter.

3. Fluff and Nintendo Switch Fanfare

Tomorrow's Pokemon Direct lasts seven minutes! It must be stuffed with detailed information no?

Hold your Ponyta well. Some Pokemon Directs did it, but it was only long after the titles, logos and trailer of the games were first revealed that we plunged into the gameplay and developed new mechanics. And for the moment, we do not know anything at all.

The revelation of the Generation 7 in a Pokemon Direct of January 2013 was preceded by seven minutes of evolution of the franchise on the various handhelds of Nintendo. Pokemon Direct lasted 11 minutes and by that time, only a minute and a half was dedicated to a trailer for Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon Sun and Moon only received a very small amount of time on the screen when his first Pokemon Direct. appearance.

This is the first time a "traditional kernel" of Pokemon RPG will be on the Nintendo Switch – it's an event as important as the advent of Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS – so we expect that there's a bit of fluff and fanfare in the history of the Pokemon series and the monumental shift from the pocket console to the home console.

Do not make a mistake though – I love fluffing. Sometimes it is accompanied by a comforting video, perfectly matched to a musical score that gives me tears of joy and nostalgia, and I am for.

4. Language information and confirmations of the date of publication

Screen Capture 2019-02-26 at 11:54.03

After the revelation of previous generations of Pokemon games in Pokemon Direct, you spent some time detailing the languages ​​in which the games would be available at launch, and we hope this trend will continue. In addition to the language information, we can also expect confirmation of a global launch and release window, which should still be in the fall of 2019. We do not expect a release date for the moment.

5. A trailer *

Okay, if we get a promotion from Area 8 of the "Explore Pokémon" section of Generation 8, this could technically be considered a teaser. But we also hope to get a glimpse of what the new Nintendo Switch Pokemon gameplay will look like.

A seven-minute live Pokémon revealing only a logo, name and limited area information for Gen 8? It would be a little … disappointing.

We do not want your hopes to come true, but we are expecting some sort of trailer that lies between the depth of the incredibly short announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the length of one year. minute and a half. Announcement trailer of Pokemon X and Y.

6. The three runners

Screenshot of 2019-02-26 at 15:05

The graphic designed to promote the Pokémon Direct features three Poke Balls. It would be nasty enough to run a tease as obvious as not to follow through. Or, it could be a horrible bait and a switch that means "there are three ads!" Or, the Poke Balls are just pretty decorations. But we hope the three starters.

7. Someone important in front of a white decor or decorated with pokémon


We also expect someone to say, "Expect you please."

If you have watched Nintendo Direct, you probably expect something important to talk to us calmly with a white background or appropriately decorated. Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO and President of The Pokemon Company, did the honors in 2016 for the revelation of Sun and Moon, and it's also he who spoke to us for the first time about the "Pokemon Game's base title for Nintendo Switch. We are waiting for it, or someone else. just as distinguished, to present the news tomorrow.

We also expect someone to say, "Expect you please."

8. Smaller Ad * and Housekeeping in Pokemon

Smaller is there with an asterisk because we assume that everyone considers anything smaller than Gen 8 news. Pokemon Directs rarely focuses on a single subject. The last Pokemon Direct – back in June 2017! – focused on the announcement of Pokken Tournament DX with a fantastic trailer, but also revealed the latest versions of the Pokemon Gold and Silver virtual console, as well as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

The latest versions of the Pokemon Red virtual console, Blue and Yellow have been revealed in the same Pokemon Direct as Sun and Moon. It would be logical that something else, available earlier than Gen 8 Pokemon, be announced during the same Direct. We hope for a remastering, a remake or a sequel to Pokemon Snap, or a sequel to Pokemon Conquest. Let us have the thing, Nintendo.

But we also miss a Pokémon mystery dungeon since 2015, and if Nintendo Switch does not have a virtual console, a Pokemon Classic collection could be considered.

Most likely, however, is an announcement for a second Pokemon Quest World featuring Pokemon Gen 2. As for Let's Go, we think a second game is possible, but we do not think they would have dispelled the excitement for Gen 8 by announcing a second game, Let's Go, which will not be ready for more than a year.

9. Pikachu

A Pokemon announcement would simply not be complete without an appearance from our friend Pikachu.

Will we be rewarded by waking up at dawn with a starter Pokémon, or just a logo? Do you think rumors about the king and queen of Pokemon, or the crown and the scepter, really have merit? To be continued … the day of the Pokémon during the Pokémon Direct!

To learn more about Pokemon, check out this incredible new trailer of Detective Pikachu, with Mewtwo in the front and center, and check out our Nintendo – Nintendo Voice Chat – at 3pm Thursday for a full list of everything what we will see during the Direct.

Casey DeFreitas is a publisher at IGN who is eager to see the new region and start Pokemon! Catch her on Twitter @ShinyCaseyD.

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