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The latest update of Nintendo Download for North America has arrived and brings new games galore to the eShop in your area. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our survey and comment below with your potential choices for the week. Enjoy!

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Fimbul (EuroVideo, today, $ 29.99) Fimbul combines intense Viking battles with a deep story that unfolds through comics to bring to life the frozen world of northern sagas. Immerse yourself in the blazing winter that preceded Ragnarok – The winter Fimbul! Read our review Fimbul.

R.B.I. Baseball 19 (MLB Advanced Media, Tuesday March 5th, $ 29.99) R. B. I. Baseball 19 takes the field to offer increased authenticity for a true MLB experience. We've added hundreds of new animations, updated player templates, all official 2019 uniforms, more player gear, improved physics and ball environments, and more!

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DELTARUNE (8-4, today,) DELTARUNE: Chapter 1! Create your own avatar, meet strange friends and dive into the darkness. By the way, this first chapter is FREE, so do not hesitate to consult it. For example, you do not really need to read this or anything … You can just try it …

Ape Out (Devolver Digital, Today, $ 14.99) Ape Out is an extremely intense and colorful smash that evokes primal escape, rhythmic violence and frenetic jazz. Create an almost unstoppable momentum and use your captors both as weapons and as shields to crush everyone on your way to the freedom generated by the procedures. Read our review Ape Out.

Treasure pile (PIXELAKES, Friday March 1st, $ 19.99) By combining the thrilling pressure of a falling puzzle game with a grappling platform, Treasure Stack delivers a fast-paced gaming experience like nowhere else.

12 is better than 6 (HYPETRAIN DIGITAL, Mar. Mar. 5, $ 9.99) We are in 1873. An escaped slave walks slowly through the desert to travel from Mexico to Texas. He keeps a revolver near him and carries the stolen sombrero to a dead man. Fatal Strikes: You will need to arm the revolver with a trigger before you can fire by pressing another trigger. A wrong move and you will be overwhelmed in an instant.

ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF HUNTERS 2003 (HAMSTER, Thu., Feb. 21, $ 7.99) "THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2003" is a fighting game released by SNK in 2003. It offers the same three-on-three combat system as the previous title of the series, but this time, players can use the " multi-Shift ". format to freely mark team members for faster gameplay.

Calming (Nnooo, today, $ 9.99) Immersed in a soundtrack of dreams and dreams, explore a world full of natural, urban and abstract environments, solve puzzles and triumph enemies … with a broom! Inspired by the classic 16-bit classics of the old school, take part in a wonderful and deep journey to discover a vast submerged world and many original, stimulating and fun dungeons to discover what you waits in the subconscious of Young.

Arcade Archive: Ice Climber (HAMSTER, Fri Feb 22, $ 7.99) "ICE CLIMBER" is an action game released by Nintendo in 1985. Play as POPO and NANA to break blocks of ice with your hammer and defeat enemies that are on your way when you aim for the top of the mountain. However, only one person can catch the condor waiting at the top. Will you work together or will you try to go alone? It's up to you!

Awesome peas (Sometimes you, Friday, March 1st, $ 5.99) Welcome to the world of Awesome Islands! Awesome Pea is a classic platforming running game, in which you have to jump through many challenging levels and help the greedy little pea, ready to go through all the trials to earn gold. Dangerous dungeons, nature of a deceptive beauty, hidden dead traps and LOTS of coins waiting for you!

Bard's Gold – Nintendo Switch Edition (Pixel Lantern, Mar 5 Mar, $ 8.99) Bard's Gold is a challenging platform game that allows you to explore strange worlds in a quest for a goblin that has stolen you from the gold.

Battle (Unties, Today, $ 6.99) Battlloon is a cute and casual PvP action game that will pit you against your friends in a battle of bouncing balloons! Play up to 4 players! The rules are simple! All you have to do is push the other players into the pics! May the best ball win! With its simple controls, anyone can play this inflatable game of fighting balloons! From a unique points system allowing even beginners to have a chance to win a "ghost" system where squeezed players can still play their sweet revenge, Battlloon has something for the balloons of all ages!

Beat Cop (11-bit Studios, Tue Mar 5, $ 14.99) New York, more like a beast than a city. Explore the darkest corners and discover its secrets with Jack Kelly, a former detective accused of murder. Degraded and forgotten by old friends, this is your last chance to discover the truth behind all this terrible mess. The problem is that your new boss is treating you horribly, that your wife is a bloody whore and that the local mafia wants your head on a plate.

Manufacturer Plus (System 3, today, $ 19.99) In this city, you have to think GREAT! Play as a budding real estate developer and go from scammers of small leagues to an interplanetary magnate, to robbers, sellers and thieves.

Dummy crash (Funbox Media, Today, $ 29.99) The evil D-TROIT kidnapped MIA, the advisor's daughter! You may play as a CID, the simple model crash, but CID has also been programmed and equipped with everything that must be the hero he has always dreamed of. It's time to put CID in his adventure and save MIA.

Scary road (GROOVYMILK, Friday March 1st, $ 12.99) When everything goes crazy and the world collapses, a man must take up arms to protect his loved ones. Embark with Flint Trucker on a foolish journey to reunite with sweet Angelina and try not to succumb to the madness that awaits you! BIG DAMS Do not let their size scare you!

Croc's World Run (Sprakelsoft, Thu Feb. 21, $ 5.99) "Croc's World Run" is the latest part of the Croc's World franchise!

Dark Quest 2 (Brain Seal Entertainment, Wednesday, February 27, $ 10.99) Dark Quest 2 is a turn-based RPG in which you control a group of heroes in your epic quest to defeat the evil wizard and his henchmen. The game features a party-based system where you control a group of heroes, a hand-drawn isometric art style, dice-based mechanisms, and more.

Darkest Hunter (Ultimate Games, Mar 5 Mar, $ 5.30) Choose your hero, take your weapon, learn new spells and … The hunter! Eliminate every evil beast you meet, collect the loot and find the rarest, as well as the best equipment!

Duck hunting challenge (BoomBox, Fri Feb 22, $ 9.99) Pack your bags, appeal to your canine companion and get ready for one of the best hunting trips of all time.

Lift … to the moon! Turbo Champion & # 39; s Edition (Arcade Distillery, Wed 6th Mar, $ 14.99) You are a space cadet, imposed by the president of the world at the "liberation" of a moon lift, evoking the wrath of the world's most powerful AI. Do you want to crack under pressure trying to maintain this broken space? Obey!

History 2048 (Out of Games, Friday March 1st, $ 4.99) History 2048 is a well-known logic game with great graphics. Travel through the evolution of humanity, meet famous kings, warlords and adventurers. A new and reinvented reboot of the famous game 2048. Combine similar panels and move to a new era. Take a stroll through time and get all the extras. A fun and refreshing way to spend your time.

Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Super Real Darwin (FTE Games, Today, $ 7.99) The inhabitants of the planet Lakya unintentionally unleash the vital force of the planet called Evol. While the liberated Evol derives from the planet Lakya, it is received by the inhabitants of the neighboring planet Cokyo; The people of Cokyo are launching the Shlohe Project, a plan to use their captured Evol to develop advanced ships and biological weapons to invade the planet Lakya. Residents of Lakya retaliate against the invasion of Cokyo using their own evolving fighting ships.

Klondike Solitaire (Baltoro Games, Friday March 1st, $ 8.99) Klondike Solitaire, the perfect game to help you escape your daily delusional routine, relax and have fun.

Monster Dynamite (TREVA Entertainment GmbH, today, $ 19.99) Cheeky monsters everywhere! Place your explosives strategically on stacks of crates, scaffolding and wood logs where the little creatures are sitting. Light the fuse and make them all fall down!

My girlfriend is a mermaid ?! (Sekai Games, Today, $ 19.99) Our protagonist lives in the city but a summer decides to return to his rural hometown and it is there that he meets again his childhood friend, Ion … who is now a mermaid! ?

Ninja Village (Kairosoft, today, $ 12.00) Rewrite the history of feudal Japan with an army of ultimate guerrilla warriors: ninjas! The shogun fell from power, plunging the earth into chaos as feudal lords in conflict scramble to take his place. But the shogun has an ace in his sleeve: you! As the leader of a leading ninja clan, it is up to you to rally your supporters and help unify Japan!

Pillar (Michael Hicks, Tuesday, March 5, $ 7.99) Lost in an intimate snowy city, a palette of individuals are looking for a mysterious artifact meant to bring great knowledge and understanding. Drive each character on his quest in this collection of mini-games, each with unique personalities and challenges … maybe their paths are not so different after all.

Pirates Pinball (EnjoyUp Games, Friday March 1st, $ 2.99) Enjoy Pirates Pinball, a perfect reproduction of a real pinball machine, with all the graphic details and sounds. Discover all the secrets, complete all the missions and become the number 1 of the world or the best of your friends, posting your best score in the online ranking.

Pixel Devil and the broken cartridge (Black Sun Game Publishing, Wed Feb. 27, $ 9.99) Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge is an old school pixel art platformer. The protagonist is in the world of 8-bit video games. Help him cross difficult levels, beat different leaders, learn new skills and find the bad guy responsible for kidnapping young women. But more importantly, together you'll have to find the answer to the big question: why did old school video game characters suddenly become demonic?

Queen's Quest 2: Stories of a Forgotten Past (Artifex Mundi, Friday March 1st, $ 14.99) When the king asked a famous alchemist to look into the murder of his most trusted agent, the last thing he expected was to discover a complex network of criminals working in the shadows to sow chaos in the country. Conduct the investigation as a shapeshifter and discover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundations of the kingdom.

Riddled cadavers EX (COWCAT, Saturday, March 2nd, $ 9.99) Riddled Corpses EX is a two-stick shooter designed in the style of 8/16 bit arcade games. Travel through various places filled with dangers and huge bosses. Choose wisely your character and make good use of his abilities and special items (clock, dynamite and turrets) to progress and destroy the root of evil!

Shred! 2: Freeride mountain bike (ASBO Interactive, Friday March 1st, $ 9.99) Created by a solo developer with long experience of mountain biking and trail building, every centimeter of handcrafted track will push you to the limit!

Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon (Ronimo Games, Friday March 1st, $ 14.99) Compete against your friends anywhere with your Nintendo Switch in split-screen mode or online, and enjoy the epic single-player campaign that lets you master Redbeard and his Vikings. Join them as they make their way through the forests of Vikingland, the burning sands of Persia and even the lower regions of hell!

Late (Drageus Games, Friday March 1st, $ 9.99) Ramto is not the smartest guy in the universe. He likes to find problems – and solve them, but waking up aboard a spaceship was too much for him. Alone on the ship, he did not know how to pilot, among the heaps of strange devices created by a schizophrenic engineer.

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the throat (HumaNature Studios, Friday March 1st, $ 19.99) ToeJam and Earl came back to Earth in ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove! , a funky adventure of fresh roguelike impregnated with old hip-hop skool and filled with impressive twists and turns compared to the 1991 classic.

Unknown Destiny (MARSLIT GAMES, Tue Mar 5th, $ 14.99) You wake up alone in a world completely unknown to you. You have no memory of your past, you do not know how you managed to reach this world and the only thing you can do is continue and try to find the truth. Unknown Fate is a puzzle adventure in the first person with a mysterious tale, riddles to solve and enemies to conquer. Journey through incredible worlds as you solve the riddles around you and collect Richard's lost memories to discover the truth about his journey.

EMPTY. (JanduSoft, today, $ 3.99) V. O. I. D. is a brand new side-scrolling adventure and action game! Take the best aspects of classic 8 and 16-bit classics of the classical era and transform them with modern technology and cool mechanics into something new and exciting! PLOIDS represent the evolution of the human race by fusing technology with its DNA.

Warhammer Quest (Chilled mice, Tue Feb 26, $ 29.99) Based on the classic board game, Warhammer Quest is an addictive mix of role playing and strategy. Lead your group of brave adventurers into the dangerous dungeons of the Warhammer world in search of wealth and glory!

Nintendo Mobile

Crossing animals: pocket camp – Happy Homeroom is now in session! The Animal Crossing mobile game: Pocket Camp has just received a major free update that features Happy Homeroom, a newly added indoor decorating mini-game. In Happy Homeroom classes, players with a Camp Manager level greater than or equal to 6 can use the furniture they have available to practice their indoor decorating skills, which will be judged by Lottie and d & rsquo; # 39; others. Passing Happy Homeroom classes increases a player's HH rank, by assigning them items such as HH material, and so on. If you have not played Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for a while, now is the time to go back with all this newly added content! Find out what's new by downloading the latest update and launching the game on your mobile device.

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Travis strikes again: more DLC hero # 1 black dandelion – Play as the Shinobu assassin with two new special skills and a Badman Strikes Back adventure!


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