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Nintendo Switch Lite seems to me useless

Just like the original switch, the recently announced Nintendo Switch Lite turned out to be one of the best-kept secrets of the game. The rumors surrounding this new model revolved around the 2019 majority and ultimately resulted in a "surprise" announcement video and a press release, which were broadcast on Nintendo's social networks this morning. The trailer, in particular, does a pretty good job of showing what the new Lite model represents. In short, it's a cheaper, smaller and lighter switch that has built-in controls, no HD rumors or infrared sensors … and can not be connected to a TV either. That being said, my real reaction to this announcement is summarized in the image above: "Why is it a thing?"

When the rumors about a "Switch Mini" developed for the first time, I was already not happy. It's because I really do not understand the catch of the concept. Certainly, in recent years that the Switch is on the market, I have watched many people express their disappointment at its size and the life of its battery. For some, the system is too big and the battery life is not enough to provide a truly decent portable experience in the same vein as the handhelds of the past, such as 3DS and PS Vita. So, the Switch Lite is actually Nintendo's answer to these people: "Here's what you wanted! And guess what? It's only $ 200!

On paper, it seems ok. But when I break down this announcement, she still does not touch me.

Nintendo Switch Lite

One step forward, two steps back

Yes, the Switch Lite offers a more portable experience, but how much really matter? It is not yet very bulky because of the analog sticks that protrude upwards. It is therefore likely that you put it in a case or in your bag, just like the current Switch. I have already taken my switch and TV equipment on various trips, and everything is slipping into my backpack. Most of my games are digital, which makes them even more practical. I do not see things differently from the millions of people who own tablets and laptops. Nobody really complains about the "size" of these devices. What is the problem with the current switch?

The improved battery life is really the only positive note on the Switch Lite because literally everything else is a regression. The main features of Joy-Con have been removed, although this is at least one pill easier to swallow, as they can still be used with the new wireless system. However, for those who enter the Switch market for the first time with only a Switch Lite, this means that they may spend an additional MSRP of $ 80 (for a single pair), which ironically brings the price from 200 to 280 USD – very close to the price of a regular switch. But that's not even my biggest problem with the Lite; really, this is the functionality reserved for handhelds.

Nintendo did it very clear in the announcement trailer that the Switch Lite is not compatible with the Switch dock. This is not surprising since the Lite is a smaller unit. Nevertheless, it appears that the Lite will not be able to send an output signal to a TV because it is only compatible with games that support portable mode. The list of supported titles is huge, almost the entire Switch library at this point. However, the big disadvantage is that more technologically demanding games are not better played in a portable mode.

Although Nintendo has not yet confirmed it, it seems that the Switch Lite works as a standard switch in portable mode. This means that the most demanding games will provide a reduced-resolution gaming experience and sometimes even optimal performance for Switch Lite owners – and they will be completely trapped in this lesser experience. At least with a regular switch, this is only an option. And that's the essential: the options. Nintendo said at the end of the trailer that it was "fun to have options," and that's true. But the Switch Lite seems to have too many disadvantages for me to actually recommend it as a viable option for all newcomers to the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Long term disadvantages

To me, all Nintendo had to do to target the crowd that wanted a handheld switch only was to release a SKU that included only a switch, the Joy-Con, and an AC adapter. It is worth noting that the company has already started doing this in Japan a while ago to encourage current Switch owners to have several models in the same household. It would actually be a "Switch Lite", but it would give you the option to use all switch functions if you wish, including the ability to "switch" from a handheld to a home console. That's such an important part of the Switch name, and that's probably one of the reasons the system has become so popular because it can do both. Now, however, there is a model that makes this whole message a moot point. This is a step back. All of Nintendo's efforts to create the first true hybrid system have been diluted by what is now the true successor of the 3DS (although Nintendo has claimed the opposite).

Now, I know that the original switch is not going anywhere. But again, the existence of Switch Lite confuses me. And I hope that Nintendo is ready to deal with customers who miss one way or another all the messages on how this unit can not to be moored to a television and will always be confused that he can not. In the end, if someone were to ask me which model to buy, I would tell him to get a regular switch. It can do literally anything the Lite can do and more, and you have the option to connect it to a TV if you deem it good. Yes, it's $ 100 more and I can understand that I respect the budget, but it's a long-term investment much better than a Lite.

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