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Nintendo Switch players may have witnessed a major news leak before one of the console's biggest releases this year.

The Nintendo Switch offers an enviable selection of exclusive titles. This list of games continues to improve.

From Wild Breath to Super Odyssey, via Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Octopath Traveler, there are a multitude of exclusive and exclusive games.

And there are still many exclusive titles to come, such as Animal Crossing Switch, Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3.

The biggest game of Nintendo Switch released in 2019 is probably Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, recently unveiled.

These two games are the last entries of the Pokemon series on the main line and will see the Pokémon Gen 8.

Three Starter Pokémon – Sobble, Gookey and Scorbunny – have been revealed and many more will appear in the Galar region.

The area in which Pokemon Sword and Shield is located is clearly inspired by the British countryside and gives it a picturesque and warm atmosphere.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is scheduled for a late release date for 2019, and a big feature might have leaked earlier.

Ahead of the Pokemon Direct which revealed Sword and Shield, Nintendo and Game Freak have dropped an interesting mark.

The mark was requested on February 18, 2019, but was only recently revealed in a Nintendo Everything message.

And this mark was for Armored Mewtwo.

This is of particular interest to Switch fans, as it could allude to a new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

A post of 4chans now deleted claimed that armored evolutions are coming up for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The reason why this is of particular interest is that the 4chan message correctly predicted a number of things before the official unveiling of Pokemon Switch.

4chan's post accurately predicted that the new Pokemon Switch game would be called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

He also correctly predicted that the setting of the new Nintendo Switch game would be an area inspired by the British campaign.

It remains to be seen if Mewtwo in armor will appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

It is also possible that Armored Mewtwo is a brand related to the upcoming movie Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution.

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