Nipah virus encephalitis: How does it spread and can it be cured?


At least 10 people in Kerala have died because of Nipah virus encephalitis, a rare but emerging infectious disease.

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48 thoughts on “Nipah virus encephalitis: How does it spread and can it be cured?”

  1. I am from Kerala and trust me the situation is perfectly under control here. The doctors and the government are doing their best. Even the corpse of the infected are treated carefully and their families are in full support with the doctors.

  2. >…< i was reading so many comments and i was amazed how all ppl from Kerala think other states lower than others. I now wonder what if some natural disaster come in kerala then whom will they ask for help ? Ppl from north or fishes from Indian Ocean ? Bruh but really after reading comments it made me sad and made me think "India is a great country" is it really that ? "All Indians are brothers and sister" Well after this i clearly do not see that. If this thinking of who is more superior or how is more lower im sure of it that country will never be great. After all its simple logic you can break 1 stick but its hard to break 5 sticks together. So its the same you cant make country great if every state is alone and stands all high and mighty. Only the way is to stick together and progress equally and stop thinking that my state is better than others and one more reason we lack from China is Cuz we indians never really loved india…!!! India is just a word that has been stuffed in mind. If you really love india then you wont say _ state is greater than _ state and will fight over a stupid shit argument. 🙁 Make me sad the country i love so much have ppl of this mentality…..!!
    Bruh i said so much but no will every notice it…..

  3. Medicine for nipah virus,
    Nyctanthes arbor-tristis(pavala malli leaves) take 6 pavala malli leaves, put it in 200ml water and boil it and make into 100ml decotion. At the end put pepper powder and 3drops of lemon. 3-4times a day. Thank you… I got this from whatsapp forward message.

  4. Excuse me, a little correction, pig isn't a natural host of nipah. In the Malaysia Crisis, the pigs where found to be infected and not a natural hosts similar to humans getting infected. The pigs got infected in a farmhouse in Malaysia which had many orchard trees near by, which where used for consumption by pigs, as u know pigs can eat any thing. But that fruit that pigs ate where all infected by fruit bats, as fruit bats near that area of orchards where common, fruit bats thrive in tropical and subtropical environment and commonly eat fruits and nectors from flowers. Interesting thing is that Fruit bats though carry viruses like nipah and deadly ebola, it doesn't get infected by it, as bats are immune to many of the viruses. Only when bats come in contact with fruits, animals or human the virus spreads. Therefore in Malaysia pigs where burnt off, to stop nipah spread, this hit the Malaysia's pork industry hugely in trade.
    Ebola was also found to be carried by fruit bats or other variants of bats in African continent, in certain regions of Africa, bats are killed for meat consumption in tribal areas of Africa, this led to easy way for virus to spread amongst humans in the region.

  5. What if it says .
    Individual who get infected suffer from high fever and headache and die eventually . but after sometime the dead wake up and tend to eat other humans and it's highly infections . it spread only by physical contact . But you don't need to panic as situation is under controll
    ? .

  6. Imagine if this disease has hit UP or BIHAR or any bimaru state what would be the situation. There would have been an outbreak . Thank God RIP those who deceased in the line of duty and the affected persons

  7. After analysing the outbreaks I have got an idea about how the virus got to Kerala. The last out break was in West Bengal right. Maybe some Bengali immigrant brought the disease to here. Maybe. Just a chance

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