Nissan Altima AWD 2019 Road Test: Double your pleasure


As the market moves away from cars to the benefit of trucks and utilities, Nissan doubles its car on the Altima sedan. Therefore, to say.

The all-new 2019 model is Nissan's first all-wheel-drive sedan, giving it twice as many drive wheels as before. It's one of only three cars in the segment to offer the all-season option, with the Subaru Legacy and Ford Fusion, which will soon be abandoned to make way for more SUVs.

Most mid-size sedans do not have it, because most people do not really need it, and those who do it often look for the extra ground clearance they get in an SUV. Apparently, Nissan hopes there are only a few customers left in the snow belt states who still prefer to keep a low profile.


To bring the point back home, he even turned an Altima into a snowmobile by installing a set of tracks. For the moment, they do not appear on the list of accessories.

Seeing how All-tima costs only $ 1,350 more than a front-wheel drive model, which starts at $ 24,645, this may be obvious to all. You never know when you will be transferred to Minneapolis, after all. Both versions come with a 188-hp, 188-hp, 188-hp, 2.0-liter, standard four-cylinder transmission. (A revolutionary 268 hp 2.0-liter turbo with variable compression is optional on some front-wheel drive versions.)

Aside from money, the only things you have to give up to get AWD are a few kilometers per gallon. The AWD Altima is rated at 29/30 mpg combined, depending on the model, compared to the FWD. / 32 mpg. These are great numbers for the Altima class.

The new Altima is a little larger than the old one, which was already one of the biggest "intermediate" sedans. The legroom at the back is generous and the trunk is large enough to allow for a fight against a utility vehicle. The heavily creased body and floating roof are inspired by the Maxima and Murano. Inside, it features a sleek design, simple controls, a tablet-style infotainment system and – in the upper part of the Platinum finish line that I've tested – a strip of Elegant wood that extends from door to door.

Platinum costs $ 34,025, but features all Altima features, including automatic emergency brakes, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function, 360-degree camera, and semi-autonomous assistance Nissan's ProPilot Assist, which allows steering the car in one lane as long as one hand touches the steering wheel. ProPilot Assist keeps the car centered better than most track maintenance systems, but only works if there are clear lines to see and it will disengage quickly if it is not. So, you will also want to keep your eyes on the road.

Regardless of the type of road, the Altima impresses. The highway is smooth and quiet and can absorb bumps in the city, but it remains narrow enough to take a winding mountain pass without spoiling it. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate while I had it. That is to say, it was beautiful. So I'm going to have to tell you how the whole wheel works in such situations. However, Nissan manufactures a lot of trucks and SUVs, so the concept is not entirely new.

What I can tell you is that the Altima is overall much more solid and refined than the outgoing edition, in which I spent a lot of time, thanks to its abundance as a rental car. This one deserves a better fate, but I will not complain if a front desk agent gives me the keys, even if I leave on a ski trip.



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