NJ COVID Vaccine Eligibility Expands: Here’s Who Qualifies, How To Apply


Even more people in New Jersey are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday with another extension slated for early next month (scroll down for the NJ registration link).

The following categories were added to the vaccine eligibility list on Monday 29:

Food production / distribution (such as grocery store and restaurant workers), support for the elderly, support staff for warehousing / logistics / social services, election officers, hospitality, chain supply chain, postal / expedition workers, clergy and those in the justice system.

On April 5, the following people will be eligible:

  • 55 and over
  • People aged 16 and over with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Educators, including support staff, in higher education institutions
  • Support for communication infrastructures (engineers, technicians and members of the press)
  • Real estate, building and home service workers (construction workers, code officials, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, property management and maintenance workers)
  • Employees of retail financial institutions (bank tellers, loan departments, public accountants and check cashing agents)
  • Sanitation workers providing disinfection and housekeeping services, city sanitation workers; residential, commercial and industrial solid and hazardous waste removal workers
  • Laundry service workers (those who work in laundromats, laundry services and dry cleaners)
  • Utility workers (power generation and supply system, natural gas delivery, nuclear power plant, water supply, telephone and cable / fiber / optical / broadband / cellular workers)
  • Librarians and support staff of municipal, county and state libraries

Click here to sign up for the New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine Planning System.

March 29 COVID vaccine eligibility in New Jersey

NJ Governor’s Office

As of Monday morning, the state’s six mega vaccination sites exceeded one million doses of vaccine administered, including four million in total.

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